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NSW Going from P's to Unrestricted R

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Conorkc, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Hello All,

    My P's Licence is up soon and I have noticed that the day it expires is on a Sunday, so no RMS open. I am wondering when do I go in to get it renewed? If I go in the day before will they give me the unrestricted licence 'early'. On the other hand if I go in the day after with my expired licence and I get pulled will I get in trouble for riding on expired licence?

    I have read the RMS side on licence renewal but I am stil not sure what happens with this upgrade/renewal situation. This is probably a dumb question, so sorry in advance.


  2. P1 or P2?

    P1 is valid for 18 months and you can upgrade to P2 (or unrestricted) after 12months
    P2 is valid for 36 months, but you can go to unrestricted after 24 months

    are you looking at expiry date, or the date you can upgrade?
  3. Now I am more confused :-( I will get my wallet and have a look
  4. I can upgrade my to unrestricted July 2015, but P licence is valid until Jan 2016 :) (I'm such a noob :p )
    when did you get handed your last P licence?
  5. Okay, So I am P1 but over 25, so I thought it was restricted for 12months. My Licence expires on 18th Jan 2015 and I will have had it 12 months at that stage I think. So I assumed that I will be going from P1 to R on the 18th Jan 2015.
  6. going back through your posts :p
    you did pre-learners in mid-Jan 2014, and passed MOST on April 18 2014?

    seems weird for it to expire after 9 months?

    was it part of some deal to transfer your OS licence?
    your L's should have expired in January (12 months after you got them), so maybe they stuffed up the restriction length when they issued your P's?
  7. I am not sure to be honest, I was registering a Victorian car here in NSW at the same time so I was in and out of the RMS more last Jan that it is all merged in together, was it April I did the MOST? Why did they give me a 9 months licence then? did they back date it to when I handed in my Irish licence maybe? I am well confused :banghead:
  8. https://netrider.net.au/members/conorkc.43911/#profile-post-3125 :)
    cos they are useless :D

    guessing that if you go in now.. they will realise and correct the mistake (if it is) and extend P's
    but if you go in the day before it expires, they may just give you unrestricted 3 months early?

    hard to tell with RMS... I'd try the Saturday before.. either way you walk out with a new licence
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  9. It is worth a go the day before I suppose, might get someone who is in good form :) Knowing my past run-ins with them tho I will have to pay for another 12 month licence for my final 3 months on P's :p

    Thanks for your help oldcorollasoldcorollas !
  10. no worries..

    they can't possibly charge as it was their stuffup :D demand to see the manager! :D
  11. Bike provisional license will be noted on your pre-existing car license which must be up for renewal in January. Adding any sort of riding status does not change the expiry date of an existing license. You will pay for the full renewal in January and then in April you will just pay for a new card reflecting the upgraded bike license.

    And do it on the Monday, the day after you are eligible for the upgrade. A day later won't kill you but the RMS shouldn't, and probably won't upgrade you the day before.
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  12. That makes sense thanks :)
  13. You don't even need to go into the RMS when your P's expire.

    If your license is still valid you can ride around unrestricted with the P still on your license, and not display P plates.

    Any police check will show you are unrestricted. You only have to go in and pay the $40 if you want the new card otherwise just wait til your license expires and have the P taken off then.

    I hope what I am saying makes sense once you are unrestricted on the computer system it doesn't matter what Is on your license you don't have to go in and pay the $40 for a new card unless you want to.

    Police checks aren't a problem at an RBT they'll likely take your word for it as they just want to hit the quota and go do something more interesting, if you get pulled over the copper will check your license anyway. It's not uncommon.
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  14. Thanks iClint, that makes sense. I will make sure that I ask when I go to the RMS. I thought I had a licence for my red P that covered the 12 months of my P restriction. That is where I was confused :)
  15. is it automatic upgrade?
    RMS says:
    and same for P1, you can apply for P2 after 12 months, and before 18 months.. doesn't appear to be automatic?
  16. Was at the RMS this morning and just to close of this thread, I will let you know what I have found out. The reason that I have a licence on my P1 expiring after 9 months is not a mistake but a byproduct to the 'Q' restriction on my Licence. This means that, because I am on a Temp. Working Visa I can only hold a licence for a 12 month period. Because my Car licence never changed this was indeed the licence which expired.

    The expiry of my restriction is the 22nd April, I can go in on the day or any day after to get my restrictions removed. This costs $25 and a new card is issued. My restrictions do not end until I get this new card in my hand, the system doesn't update automatically.

    This is probably redundant and for most people but if you have a similar question here is your answer :)
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