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Going from L's to P's for cheap.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Gord, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Thread was closed from 'general discussion' with no reason given to me, so I assume I just posted it in the wrong place. Clearly it wasn't 'general' enough.

    Paid $300 for the 3-day course to get my L's three months ago, and they want $270 for the test to go to P's!

    Something about that doesn't compute. Can someone suggest a cheaper establishment than Motorcycle Motion? I've looked around a little, and found ridetek do it for $170... thats getting better. Anyone know of anything cheaper?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Upright in Queanbeyan have the P's exam for $174 (Just looked up where you live, my post here is probably unnecessary)

    Good Luck!!
  3. It's interesting that Ridetek charge more for the same service in Gippsland. It cost me $215 to do my P's in Gippsland, but they're quoting you $170 in Melb. That's annoying.
  4. 1) that's cheaper then I paid.

    2) It's worth it.
  5. I did my learners at RideTek and Licence at Motorcycle Motion.
    By memory I paid $240 for learners and $260 for licence.
  6. Make sure you check out the total cost.
    When I went for my Licence, some included the cost of the Licence (to Vicroads) other, cheaper prices, didn't!
    No use doing the test & then finding out you have to pay extra for the Licence!
  7. motorcycling is expensive get used to it?
  8. Not gunna get much cheaper then that mate.
  9. thanks for the info on ridetek. if vicroads still refuse to convert my foreign licence then i will have no choice but to go to ridetek.

    all the best for your test.
  10. Vicroads usually only convert your car licence....
    I had to resit everything again, bike and truck licence
  11. No reason was given because we don't have to. If people can't be bothered to find the correct forum to post in despite countless threads over the past week explaining the rules, then we as mods can't be bothered explaining Why.
  12. hi bro, thanks for the input.. Looks like i have no choice but to resit for the bike test.. hopefully my foreign licence will be recognised as a learners' permit.