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Going from all automatic car experience to a manual bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kowai, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Argh the pain of it. I suck at gears so much. Just shoot me now!

    I -get- upshifting.. But downshifting.. I just can't tell when to do it and I usually do it too early which results in my bike hating me.

    Also I learnt today that my gear lever is too high.. No wonder its so bloody hard for me to change down! Arrgghhhhhh

    I had a great day today, but feel so frustrated with myself.
  2. hahaha, i was in the same situation as you when I started :LOL:
    you just need some more practice.... i found riding around in parking lots and suburban back streets to be very helpful.
    with downshifting, i guess you can wait 'till the revs drop a little bit more before shifting. releasing the clutch slower will also work wonders :)

    also, you can try 'blipping' the throttle by giving it a bit of gas before re-engaging the clutch so the engine speed matches the wheel speed.
  3. don't worry it will come in time!
    I had this problem as well for awhile but then I started to ride everyday and got use to it in no time just keep riding at it and you'll learn from yourself just don't think about it when you ride and it will come naturally! :D
  4. practice makes perfect, parking lots are great to practice your low speed manoeuvres and your clutch work, like everything it will come in time.
  5. Lines Kowai up for a shot :twisted:

    Oh what? you were joking? :? :oops:

    You'll get used to it... :)
  6. Yeah, I went from driving automatics for 12 years before jumping on a motorbike. The instructor asked me three times "are you sure you've never driven a manual"?? I stalled it lots of times but now I can idle around below walking speed and do all sorts of tricks using mainly the clutch in less than 6mths.

    You can get away with almost anything upshifting, but always smooth the release on the downshifting. Blip the throttle if you want but personally I'd leave that until you've built up confidence with the throttle and just concentrate on easing out the clutch with your finger tips and getting a feel for the friction point. Watch out when downshifting and braking as it will make compression locking easier, not the end of the world - just avoid it when going around a bend/corner especially in the wet and/or down a hill.

    Also get a feel for what are long and short gears. Ie on my bike 3rd thru 6th are long so I can downshift through those without much fuss. Going into 2nd and 1st tho is a different story since they are short and limited to much slower speeds.
  7. When your coming to a stop use the brakes more than downshifting to slow yourself. If you stop at the lights and find that your still in 2nd or 3rd or watever because you couldnt downshift fast enough, you can shift straight down to 1st, it wont damage your bike.

    You'll get the hang of the timing just you keep practicing :)
  8. have you tried just looking at the tacho? i know with mine if i am below 3 the bike will start chugging, so definately need to change down.

    also dont be so negative with yourself, think about how far your come. compare how you went today with how you were when you first started. today you probably did more then you have since your have had the bike. in one day you did dirt/gravel roads, moss roads, freeways, twisties, overtaking??, group ride, ride at fast speeds etc.
  9. Everything that uncosnail said + 1

    Does a hyosung have a tacho ??

    I know the little V doesnt , she has a speedo and thats it !!
    SO she cops a hiding LOL
    but I really reckon she likes it ... :twisted:

    So you ready for this Sat ?? I soooooooooooooooo need to practice left an right turns ... yay for the cones :)
  10. Yep gotta agree with uncosnail 100%

    We've ALL been there.....

    Just keep at it, you've come so far.

    It's just another skill that you have yet to master, no biggy.
  11. Actually the learning part is the fun part. Just think when you firsted started driving it was fun, now it all so boring especially after riding a bike. At this stage your probably just trying to get up to the speed limit. In a few months you will trying to get back down to the speed limit.

    Oh forgot to ask are you going to do the BMW Icicle ride next weekend? :p :wink: :LOL:
  12. Errr I don't know about that Icicle ride! :p I need to recover from the Vanilla one first! :)

    Well this week or weekend I get to try and figure out how to adjust my gear shift and rear brake levers as now it has been brought to my attention that they're -way- too high for my feet to reach :shock:

    So maybe I'll have a much easier time when they're adjusted! No more wobbling at low speeds, trying to shift down, cause I have to lift my whole foot to do so!
  13. So we will see you tonight at the groove lounge :grin:
  14. *collapse*

    Ummm we'll see :p I'm still all sore from Saturday! :LOL:
  15. LOL ... I had the longest spa on Sat night .. was great to relax in :grin:

    Then ran around all day yesterday ... footy in Sunbury at 9am ( took the kids for a drive down Wildwood rd too :wink: ... )
    Then spent 3 hrs at Science Works with the rugkitts .. Day off today to catch up with the weekend (phew) :roll: ..
    Kids go to their 'fathers' tonight for the week ... So little V and I can go out and play most nights :twisted:
  16. lol i had pretty much no experience driving a manual car did the L's course, drove a scooter for 3 months then went test riding bikes on a monday afternoon with a friend who has had his license for a while. interesting to say the least.
  17. just go play some gran turismo.. when you achieve ur S class race license, you know ur set for manual. LMAO
  18. Yeh i sorta had the same problem coming from driving an automatic car. I had very little practice driving manual cars, but i could pick it ip quite well after a couple go's. :D

    Just practice riding more, eventually you will get where the friction point is and when to shift up/down. Practice riding slow speed around car parks this will help you improve a lot. Eventually do hill starts and ride in heavier traffic where you have to know when to take off (clutch control etc).

    Even i stall it a couple times here and there because I like to let the clutch out too quick or don't pull the clutch all the way in. :S
  19. When i first started on a bike, I will clutch in and roll to a stop, then shift down pumping the clutch. Its a noob thing to do. After a few months, shifting up and down becomes sub-conscious.
  20. After some advice from people I'm doing alot better at it now :) I'm watching my revs a bit to see when I need to shift down and hopefully I'll just get a feel for it after awhle.

    Also I adjusted my gear lever which makes it SO MUCH EASIER to shift down now :)