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going from 250 to 600?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by zzr_chick, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. hi there!
    im a newish rider(5 months) and i own a zzr250. in the near future i am hoping to step up to a 600. i am a 162cm tall female and am a little comfused as to what bike would best suit me. i really like the look of the R6 but not sure if i am tall enough for it. any ideas?

  2. Talk to BanditR1... Shes lacking in height ( ;) :) ) and on an R1.

    And welcome to the forums :)
  3. when the time comes and your allowed to ride the bigger bike
    go and sit and all of them and ride them all
    thats the only way you will find out ...... :grin:
    though i have heard that the honda cbr 600 are a tad bit smaller
  4. Obvious answer would be try one on for size! Sit on one in a dealership & see how it feels, then when you're licenced to ride one take it for a test ride! Also try a bigger ZZR as I'm told they're good for vertically challenged females! btw how tall in feet & inches is 162cm?
  5. Shouldn't it read "i am a 162cm SHORT female??" :LOL:
  6. When Cat and I were looking around to buy a new bike, it turned out that the CBR954 was a better fit for Cat than the CBR600 was, due to the way the seat was shaped. And Cat was only a nudge over 5 foot.
  7. I'm going from a 250 to a 600 on saturday. CB250 to a CBR600F. I'm just about 176 centimetres I think (Blardy Pomme, used to feet n'inches I say I say). I found it pretty comfy, when I took one round the HART course at St.Ives.

    Deffo try and give a CBR600F a go if you can find one, as much as I'll admit to being a Honda fanboy the F is a bit less radical than the RR in terms of position and a tad more comfy. The line is discontinued now, but they're worth a look and some are still around brand new if you have no luck 2nd hand.

    I've gone for it due to a mix on mainly commuting and also occasional trips down to Victoria, so....hope it's of some help depending on what you're after.

    Enjoy your search anyway! :grin:
  8. everytime I've seen an R6 i think to myself "daymn that's small"
    would probably fit you fine.
  9. i find the narrowness of the seat has more impact on how well your feet can touch the ground than the overall seat height.

    you can always get the seat foam trimmed and the suspension slightly lowered. you can also get boot sole pads.
  10. Height isn't a problem for me(186cm) but I went the F4 because of riding position and also it was my first bike that could be called powerful, a VTR250 being my only other bike. Buying a slightly more sedate bike makes a lot more sense if it is the first time you have moved up to a lot of power. The F4 still has heaps up high in the revs if you go looking for it but seems to be pretty forgiving(except when there is oil on the road :( )
  11. i am just about of restrictions and planning on doing alot of sitting and test rides but wanted to ask if anyone has had any problems with this? just saying as im a 21 yr old and sales might'nt see me as a serious buyer etc

    zzrchick : dont mean to hikack thread, also have fun deciding i know i will
  12. thanks to everyone for your help. i will keep you posted. in the mean time, i will just keep dreaming of that R6! cheers!
  13. I'd just say to them that you're looking just looking for the right bigger bike for you. When you leave after doing your testing, say that you'll get back to them, leaving no contacts. Ho ho
  14. I think if you are concerned about the size of the bike and handling it, you should definitely take one for a test ride, but stop somewhere quiet and see if you can comfortably paddle one around with your feet. Being able to touch the ground in the nice flat concrete showroom floor is a lot different to backing a bike down a driveway or hill using your feet, and you wouldn't want a bike you dreaded getting caught out in carparks or whatever!
    I find my GTR is about as tall as I could go, and it's not the height
    of teh seat so much as the width of the bike down at the mufflers/exhaust/footpegs that is the issue. I find it difficult sometimes due to the fact that my feet have to be so far from the bike at times, which is why I suggest paddling it around a bit.
    Also don't forget the suspension will settle a little as the bike ages too, which will help.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. I to was looking @ R6's but the general concences is they dont like lowering these bikes.

    Had the YZF lowered & yes while it gave me much more footing then originaly had, I still would perfer a bit more. Next option is getting the seat remoulded.

    Im with typhoon, dont touch the suspension on bike, it starts messing with centre of gravity etc & yes in time will settle.

    Im only 5'2 & there a plenty of other women riders out there same height or less, so look around & find whats comfortable for you.
  16. charmed: thanks for reply, im 5'2 aswell, so it is good to hear that you are comfortably riding a 600. there is hope! thanks

    typhoon: cheers for your reply. it will make test riding a lot easier when the time comes!

    thanks everyone
  17. Hi ZZR_Chick.

    I went from a 250 Suzuki Across to a SV650S and it wasn't too bad.

    The reason for the choice was fairly simple.

    It felt right! The seating position, the seat itself, the weight, the bike just felt right.


  18. Greg, you posted at 7:49 this morning and STILL made the 'off' at Windsor!! You must have had a dream run through the traffic :LOL:
  19. I know a girl who handles a 05 r6 and she is only5'1 and around 55 kilo if that. She even managed to pick it up on her own when it toppled over in the shed. Quite a feat I must say and was very impressed. She does where boots with a bit of a heal when she rides.

    I myself am 5'4 and ride a 99 zx6r and since the change from the gpx am finding it a little difficult to paddle around when needed.
    Ive also managed to lay it over but on gravel at a low speed u turn. Stuck the foot out but didnt have quite enough on the ground to stop it. Went down real slow with exactly no damage.
    I've checked out having it lowered and haveing the seat cut down slightly. I plan on doing both for that added confidence of getting my feet down.
    Right now Im on my toes so can get a little iffy when paddling backwards over wet grass etc.

    As everyone said though get ya arse on em and check em out. Seat width is almost as important as the bikes height. So you really wont know til ya squat on it.

    Or just carry heaps of luggage on it to lower it:)
  20. Sorry to hijack the thread, but its sort of related to the topic.

    I sat on a GSX-R600 the other day and it felt awkward compared to the CB400 in that it was a lot more hunched over - I know that sports bikes are like this so you don't need to tell me - but what I want to know is, does it get better/worse when you actually ride the bike? do you think about the comfort factor while riding?

    I wanna test ride one of these bikes one day when I get my license soon. That's all I wanna know.

    oh yeah, I am 6ft 6/7" and have been told that I will need a larger bike, hence the desire to grab a GSX-R600. The CB400 is a nice comfy bike too though. Anyway, that's my 2c.