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QLD Going for your permit or licence

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Bernard17, Jul 25, 2014.

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    ive only just started reading your story and its great since im interested in getting my license soon also. i thought that once you do the q-ride assessment you had to have an open license motorcycle rider with you but you were saying you didnt have one when you went for your first ride after the course. is that because they have changed laws since you went for yours or because you had your open car license at that point or what. because the only thing holding me back at the moment is that i dont know anyone with an open motorcycle license to ride with. your whole story has been quite informative so far. thanks for putting the time into typing it up. im sure its helped many people like me also.

    ok, im on qld and am looking at getting a motorcycle for travelling around the city and that when i move to brisbane. im just about to go for my car p's but i cant find the details on actually getting the lisecne. as far as i can tell i have to:
    1) have my car P's for 12 months
    2)go to dept. and do written test, this will let me ride any lams bike solong as there is an open licensed rider in the car behind me or riding with me
    3) i could the next day do the q-ride course and get my motorbike P's. this would allow me to ride any lams bike by myself, i just have to keep the P plate on for 12 months
    4) after this im not sure but i dont know if ill look at getting an open license if the bike im riding at that point is capable enough.

    if anything ive got there is wrong could someone please point it out to me.

    <edit> Links: Getting a motorcycle licence and Contact us
  2. Hi @Bernard17@Bernard17 I'm so pleased you liked it :) Riding really is a steep learning curve that should never, ever taper off. I only ride on weekends, and some weekends I don't get time to ride (like this weekend just gone) so my learning curve is more stretched out than that of someone who rides more regularly.

    As for licencing, the laws have not changed in Qld since I did my test (it was only 7 months ago). You don't say what state you're in, so the following advice is for Qld only - other states will vary and I have no idea about their process. Australia is weird, with licencing different in each state.
    I had an open car licence and have had for 12 years or something, so I was not on my Ps and not underage etc, so if you're on your P's then things might be different for you. You'd need to call TMR yourself and ask them in that case.
    But for someone on a regular car licence, you go into TMR and you take a 5-question written exam. That gives you your RE-L - restricted learners. So you can't ride a big bike, only a LAMs bike, and you can't ride solo, you need to be accompanied by a licenced rider.
    Then you go and do a Q-ride. You can do two types of Q-ride. One type is the half-day assessment only. Not recommended unless you have ridden loads! For a total noob like me, you do a 2-day course, day 1 is where they teach you the basics of motorcycle control (and believe me, it is very much ONLY the basics...) and then day 2 is the skills assessment.
    If you pass the assessment they give you a piece of paper, the next day you take that into TMR and they upgrade your licence vehicle class from RE-L to RE. This means you're still restricted to LAMs bikes only, but you're not on your L's anymore. You don't need to be accompanied by another rider. You don't have to display L plates anymore, I'm not sure about displaying P's I have never had a learner or provisional licence in Qld so I have no idea how your baby driver licencing stuff works.

    I hope the blog has convinced you that riding is fun but challenging. Don't go into it thinking you're bulletproof, or god's gift to motorcyclists. But have a healthy dose of respect for your machine and the road, and you'll have a much better start :)