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Going For P's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by StringBean, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering what you all think about going for your P's when its raining, I haven't done a lot of riding in the wet, and I have now been on my L's for over 3 month practicing most of the maneuvers during the day like the cone weave, emergency brake, and trying to get into a habit of doing the required head checks, which I have been going pretty well at. So what do you all think, should I go for my P's in the wet or not.

    Kind Regards,

  2. the p's test in vic is no harder than the l's test.
  3. Yeah im in NSW
  4. Two words: Man up.

    When some douche pulls out in front of you whilst riding on the road, they aren't going to first consider if its appropriate weather to do so. They are just gona do it. :D
  5. LoL true
  6. basically, all the tests are too easy. you should be fine if you know how to ride a bike.
  7. ^ we can say that. But they are daunting to a learner.

    @Stringbean: here in SA you have to book your tests (L & P) weeks in advance because of the system. Means you can't control the weather. Lots of people fail because it is so hot or so cold or so windy or so whatever. Alot of them complain. But there are a few truths you need to be comfortable with when riding, one of them is: you are the butt of mother nature's jokes. Get used to it and get over it, otherwise riding is not much fun :D
  8. Yeah I have gone for a couple of rides and on the way home it started raining a bit, and I got a little nervous making sure not to ride over the white arrows etc. So doing the test which would probably make me a little nervous anyway, then having it rain as well, im not 2 sure on. I don't want to have to spend another $47.00 cause I did something that I wouldnt usually do in the dry. so yeah im a bit undecided
  9. what do you ride?

    generally we grossly underestimate the grip we have whilst riding in the rain.

    I have only once had a slip and that was over a manhole cover at about 60 whilst tipped right over. I've ridden over white lines, tram tracks and those metal road plate things. If you are smooth, they won't cause a problem.

    Ask yourself: if you can't pass that test in any weather, do you deserve your Ps?
  10. a 250 Virago
  11. You didn't answer the last question ;) :D
  12. LoL yeah your right about the last question, and no I probably dont deserve them if I cant ride in the wet
  13. So get out there and practice, numbnuts!!!!

    Get to the stage where you feel like you'll shit it in. Or people are telling you, you will. Then go. It won't take very long at all :D

    Stay upright and try to get to a learner sess, they are pretty good.
  14. Only minor concern might be the emergency stop - just make sure you warm the tyres and brakes up before attempting it.
  15. thats an easy bike to do it on
  16. I wanna book mine in 2 weeks time, on L 2.5 months done nearly 2000KM, is this enough motortime? did you take your P test right after 3 mths?
  17. I took my P's test only a little after 3 months, barely passed but that was due to a misunderstanding of the turn part of the test. So yeah I reckon you should be right.
  18. theres no hard and fast rule... you'll pass it when you are ready. only you will know when that time is... go and practice the actual test though. it will help with confidence and you don't see footy plays just talking about the game, they play it through the week in order to remain good :)
  19. Where in NSW are you? If you can get to Homebush, some of us are practicing MOST with the help of Ozyoda & others. Try it in the wet. Not sure if it's on this long weekend though. I'll probably still be there On Sunday - 1pm. Isolated showers in Sydney. Good opportunity to practice the MOST in the rain. I also ride a Virago 250.
  20. I reckon as long as your confident in your own ability you should be fine regardless of whether u've ridden for 3 months or 12 months. I just passed my pre provisonals today, and if your in sydney u'd know it was absolutely pissing rain the entire day. Everyone in my class passed too, so definately dont be scared of the rain and a wet ground - its all in the mind more than anything else. And like Richard, I'm gonna give a plug to the homebush sessions on Sundays, if nothing else you go into the course with an idea of what to expect and it removes alot of the nerves.