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Going for P's in Tassie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cichli, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    Have been a reader for a while now, but this is my first post! I've had my L's since December and ride most days... I'm booked in with DECA to do my P's test in Tas in a couple weeks - have searched the forum but no luck finding anything about the test down here. Anyone got any info or advice?

  2. ADVICE?? you come here for advice???? :LOL:

    how about Dont Panic? No really welcome! The test you will do is a competency practical called the most test. Its basic roadcraft andyou wil do most if not all of the exercises on the day leading up to your test in the afternoon... ist a cone weave cornering an breaking and emergency stop.

    help... umn I'm out till next week but this weekend I think JJ is helping another girl firey through some basic road craft and if you go here:


    pm talk to Iffracem and see if you can tag along... A copy of teh test should be avaliable from service tas pm me and i'll email it to you...
  3. Thanks for the info Ward - will see what I can find from Service Tas. Am wishing I'd gone through when Stay Upright were still doing the testing - have heard some not such nice things about DECA - but what can you do? Keep practising for now I guess...
  4. IIRC its the same modified nsw "most" test, slalom, U turn, swerve, braking etc. Stay upright should have it on their website, if not PM me and I'll send you a copy on PDF

    also you'll do a road test with the instructor following.

    Where in Tas are you?

  5. Thanks for the reply JJ. Have got the details of the MOST from NSW - not sure how ours is different though - is it something to do with the cone weave?

    I'm up north (Launceston).
  6. Hi and welcome aboard.

    Looking for 250.......?

    Me having 250! :grin:

    PM me about what you are looking for. I am in Hbt but we can always arrange something.
  7. The difference is mainly the diameter of the u: turn, ours is tighter with no allowance for bigger than 250cc bikes IIRC
    That may have changed sinse the fubar LAMS attempts they've tried.

    Have a look here http://www.ibforfree.com/?mforum=slideways
    For a good bunch of blokes that have a great time on bikes up in inceston... errr launceston :p

    Tell em the forum shyte stirrer sent ya :wink:
  8. Just don't ask Fiery her opinion of DECA...
    Good Luck with the test...relax...you'll be fine..:)
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone - great Tassie group on here :grin: ! Will keep practising - a few weeks left until the test...