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Going for my P's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Melbgirl, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. I've just booked in to do my P's with DECA (in Melbourne) on the 11 December. Was getting excited about losing the L plate until the test was actually booked and paid for ... now I'm feeling a bit nervous about it.

    Has anybody recently done their test in Melbourne and found it tricky/difficult?

    I ride virtually every day (have put on just under 8,000 kms since July) but not sure if I should be concentrating on any one thing in particular to pass.

    We're heading to Tassie for 10 days over christmas on the bikes and husband doesn't want to ride with me if I still have the L on :grin:

    Any tips or hints would be great.
  2. Good Luck !
    Been about 15mths since I went for my Licence. I found it no more difficult than doing your 'L's,
    With all those K's under your belt I'm sure you'll do well.
    The things you will be tested on are:
  3. Nope, not in Melbourne. Find a car park or a place with the test marked out and practice, practice, practice!! I did and passed on Saturday with 1 point off for a stall.
    What, only 8000ks :wink: My bike is in the shop for its 12k service. It's good to see fellow learners getting up the K's before getting onto P's. Sure, there is the nervousness of the test but a lot of what you do in the test you have already done.

    Bah, leave him behind and go by yourself. :wink: :p
  4. With 8000kms under your belt the P plate test should be easy for you, Don't stress about it, just follow their instructions and you'll be fine.

    The P plate test requirements should be easier to pass for most people than the L plate test (assuming people have actually been out riding on their Ls).
  5. Hi,

    Hubby & I went for our P's a few weeks back @ Rider Bros in Calder Park.

    Like u I was nervous as hell, especially considering the weather was rainy on the day :eek: Roads were wet, my visor gave me 30% visibility on the way there in traffic, so yeah was pretty shitty....

    I also kept thinking 'how the hell am I going to e brake effectively in this weather' then though, its perfect that its not perfect cos that's so much closer to a real experience on the roads.

    In the end we passed & found the P's practical much, much easier than L's - Vinnie's right, with the experience u hav gained u will be fine, u will go thru the practice many times b4 the exam as u did in the L's....

    Good luck & keep it positive :deal:

  6. it seems that if you don't fall off and can pass the braking test you pass.
    its car park stuff at 15-20 k. when I did mine, people who hadn't ridden on the road were passing easily. the only guy who failed fell off (braked and swerved at the same time). its more about how you handle stress than your riding skills.
  7. :rofl: exactly

    but i must say... there was a lovely girl who did stack a scooter @ 20kmph during our L's test & she ended up practicing more & passing!!
  8. Thanks guys .... your replies have made me feel a little bit more relaxed about it.

    Will just put what I know into practice, listen to the instructor and leave the rest up to the motorbike gods!!

    Will let you know how I go!! :grin:
  9. P's are a cinch, esp if you've got lots of k's under your belt.

    One left hand corner, one right hand corner, as fast as possible, dont cross the yellow lines. Dead easy, but they always drop a few points from you.

    For the 4 runs at the lights, 2 are swerve left or right as indicated, 2 are e brakes. Random sequence.

    Don't pre-empt the lights. Look past them, relax, and react when the light goes off.

    P's are a no brainer really.
  10. +1. Your brain will try to predict the pattern, because our brains like patterns. The pattern is random and can't be predicted.

    One must empty one's mind, and approach the lights as water approaches a rock in the stream; calm and willing to change direction.
  11. As nervous as you may feel melbgirl, just relax and enjoy the day out there. It looks like you've done plenty of K's to get through this no problem. As mentioned by most others here, getting your P's is a shedload easier than getting your L's here in Vic.
    Not to say you should approach it like it's a breeze, but just relax and you'll come through with flying colours. Good luck.
  12. P test is easier than L test.

    As long as you do not accrue to many penalty points, you will pass. unlike L where you cross/touch the line and you will fail.

    Dont try to do everything too quickly. for example, you get points on how quickly you do the corner. if you take longer, you accrue more points. if you touch/cross the white line, you accrue max points.

    That was how the instructor explained it to me

    do it slower and get less points rather try to do it quick and risk max points.
  13. Far out and funky, Spots, that's very zen.

    Good luck, Melbgirl. You'll do great :grin: (Says me, and I'm the chickenest of them all :p )
  14. Its easy. Just remember to stick to the 20kmh suggested min speed as going faster than what is required just makes braking harder.

    and just dont brake while swerving on that that emergency avoidance test and you will be fine
  15. Don't try to lose ZERO points. I think you can lose 40 points and still pass. So, with 6 runs that make up the license, figure on losing 5 points per run. That way because you are not trying to be perfect you can relax a little. A license is a license whether you lose 2 points or 35. Sure, it's great to swerve 6 feet from the centre line but aim for 1 foot from the centre line and you will still pass. Its great to stop in 3 feet before the red light, but stop within 8 feet and youi'll still pass. Relax.

  16. I only did about 300km on my L's, passed the thing no points lost, got my full licence, the test is about low speed control, so riding fast in a straight line for xxxxxxx number of km will not make it any easier to pass than someone who's spent most of the 3 months practicing in a car park, unless in melbourne they test you for riding on the road at speed. Then you should be over qualified
  17. What lights, do we have lights in NSW now too? do you come from nsw or vic spots?

    Had a look at your VIC licensing, where is the cone weaving and assessable road ride, do you do these things, or do you just go left, right ,straight, stop and pass
  18. I did my Ls and restricted-full-license period when I was living in Victoria (being an engineer I tend to move around a little. I was born in NSW).

    There probably should be some mention of [VIC] in the OP's title.

    In Victoria the only tested components are the:
    (1) ability to judge a safe cornering speed (penalised for being too slow; bigger penalty for crossing the lines)
    (2) 'christmas tree' of random left/right emergency swerves, and emergency stops.

    The L-plates test is far more rigorous (understandably so).

    Before the P-plates test however, at HART Tullamarine anyway, is:
    * teaching of evasive swerving
    * refreshing emergency stops
    * teaching how to perform an emergency stop halfway around a corner
    * a more elaborate slow-riding training including a cone weave (at extremely slow speed)
    * a "free-ride" around the traffic cone course to teach cornering lines and general cornering technique.

    And some other more general stuff, including classroom theory, etc. There's no on-road ride.

    I can't remember if it's only the Ls course which they teach you cone-weave countersteering at speed or if it's included in the Ps/restricted-fulls course too.
  19. Well I took the P test last night and I passed!!! Woo hoo !!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Took the L off my bike this morning (looks weird without it now!!!).

    I was surprised that I could have ridden my own bike if I wanted to .. but I said that if I'm going to drop it in practice, I'd rather drop theirs.

    It was a bit nerve racking I must admit but it's all good.

    Now hubby won't complain about riding with a learner!!!! lol
  20. Way to GO !!!!
    Congrats !!!!!