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Going For My P's

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Maximus, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. hey guys,

    going for my P's tomorrow at ride tek in dandy!!!

    very excited, nervous and eager. will let you know how i went later.

  2. Well good luck to you, hope it all goes well.....let us know pls :grin:
  3. Ditto to what Speed said = relax, enjoy and have fun :grin:
  4. hey hey good luck dude i'm goin @ hastings on sunday!
  5. good luk maximus. let us know how you go :biker:
  6. Good luck maximus. Sure you'll breeze through it.
  7. Hastings Rocks. Where I did my l's and will be doing my p's over the next couple of months. The instructor is ace, but I think his son does most of it now.

    G'luck to both of you :)
  8. Good luck to both of you :grin: , going for mine in the next month or two....... when I work up the guts...... and cash :roll:
  9. Hehe I'm going for mine on tuesday! :LOL: And chriso is going for his sunday! :LOL:
  10. heh..yeah, something like that :shock:
  11. Good luck tomorrow.... just try to have fun and not stress about it..... relax and u will pass.... :wink:
  12. Good luck guys on your p's , my other half sits her L's soon also :grin:
  13. Good luck in this crappy weather :shock:
  14. just got back now. was raining the whole time. so the instructor went straight to the point. offered to have the test asap and piss off. and that's what we basically did. was nice and cruisey. so goe me P's now. still have to display them cause on my P's on the car but damn red looks so much better than yellow!!! :grin:

    good luck to the rest of you.

    you'll pass it i'm sure!!!
  15. almost forgotten guys,

    dunno if true but i heard from one of the instructors that as soon as the east link project is done,motorcyclists are gone be charged fot the tolls on both city and east link. rumor has it they've come up with the rear shot system cameras which are gonna be taking shots of our plates from then on...

    that's what i heard.
  16. Yay, congrats to you Max, and good luck to everyone else!
  17. didyaget'em? didyaget'em?

    edit: i should read the thread ](*,) well done!
  18. I was having mine in december but because of the accident I will go for them next saturday (I think).

    Congrats Max.

  19. You haven't booked them Will? Book them now! If you haven't already, you won't get saturday. They only had a couple of openings for around now, and that was 3 weeks ago.
  20. Nah man I'm already booked but not at Saint Ives as I tried so many times and they never had a spot.

    I'm going to Clyde. I did my L's there and the instructors were nice. I may try to get something at St Ives during the week but won't be holding my breath.