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Going for my Ps

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Nour93, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. hey guys.
    Im going for my Ps test in a couple days I just wanted to ask any advice you guys have to give or general tips or anything really that will help.
    I'm a little nervous.
    I don't want to have to repeat the test.

    Whats involved?
    is it tough?
    if they want you to do an emergency break, do you have to hold the clutch aswell or break without using the clutch?

    anything you guys say will help so please don't hesitate to say whatever is on your mind on the matter

  2. Sounds like you should do a pre-test course for the methods they teach and which will test you on. Different assessment providers do things a little different I have heard. Mine was hold clutch in while ebraking and kick down gears to first. Not exactly sure what Vic testing system is, but in QLD the 2 day assessment was first day teach, second day assess - quite easy in the end. And relax.
  3. Before u take off, don't rush and do your head checks.
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    Good luck for you test!!
    I sat mine on Thursday. I youtubed a couple of videos to see what the test would be like and it made me feel a lot better about it. Got to see what was involved etc.

    I was nervous but it ended up being a pretty casual morning actually. Just had to keep reminding myself to keep breathing here and there, and just do what I was told.
    It was booked for 4 hrs but there's some waiting around time before and after for paperwork and for a break, plenty of time to practise riding around though, plus they take you through what you need to do, do a couple of practise runs with feedback and then they'll say "this is the test one, it's the real one now", and you just do what you've done the last five times.

    I did pull in the clutch on the emergency stop but I don't think you have to. What matters is that you stop. Like in the Ls test how you were allowed to stall on the quick stop.

    Definitely relax. If you've been riding around on the street you'll find the test easy. I made mistakes when I was panicking about what I needed to do, but when I just got on and did it... well, I did it. And that's so rich coming from me since I was totally convinced I was going to have to sit it again.
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  5. The best is like CaffeineMoster said do a pre-test course, they will teach you and you will practice on them during the course at least I can only speak for NSW. My guy even help me pick up on things that is a bad habits during the pre-test course (hand away from the front brake unless you need it). But most important thing is stay calm and do everything you learn during your L's. They will explain every details on the day and before each part of the test, just listen and follow instruction. If you fail, its not the end of the world just practice and when you feel like you are good than rebook your test. I did the pre-test course and fail it but from that you learn and you practice and I when back and I passed the second time. One way to think of it is, you are trying to proof that you have the skills to be a safe rider, even if you fails just mean you need more practices. unless your licence is about to expire you still can ride at the end of the day.

    Always do a head check before start moving, keep your head straight and turn your head toward where you going, remember the bike goes where the head goes.

    If you have any question just ask the person on the day what they want as a requirement for each part of the test. E.G. My NSW guy said he don't care for the emergency brake you go over the listed speed requirement before braking or forget to down gears or foot on the ground as long as you break within the required braking distant depending on what speed you are doing (since the most important thing is that you stop before too late) even if its not a requirement to hold the clutch but you best do anyway.

    I am still on my Red P so I can't say what is the best way to ride but for the test that is all I can say.
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  6. Can not stress that enough! One guy in my test did everything perfectly, but only remembered to do the first head check - BOOM out.
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  7. I feel like this head checks thing is a NSW thing... the bike I was testing on only had one mirror too.
    That could change when Vic moves to on road testing after the 19th though.

    If you're testing under current system your test will be: left curve, right curve, 4x random selection of right or left swerve/counter steer or emergency stop.
    20km/hr is sufficient speed for the whole test, don't bother going faster, and don't try to guess what the light will tell you to do.
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  8. so much feedback, thanks guys!
    I should mention that my test is this Monday (14/3/16) so I don't think ill be able to book in a pre-test. I booked it in before It expires that's why im a little nervous, its sorta a make or break thing at this point.
    I do feel VERY comfortable on a bike. its just when it comes time to a test that you get in your head, or do something they don't quite like.
    I did book it for the current system, cant be bothered with the extra stuff they want, didn't even know it was being put in place to be honest, until I went to book my test. found that almost everywhere was completely booked out aswell because of it too haha.

    is the left/right curve turn the same one as the L's? I would have thought they'd put in different, more advance, manoeuvres.
    I was also told once that they test you on doing a sharp U-turn. is this true??
  9. Haha I did the same. I knew changes were coming but I thought they were in April. I ended up booking a test in for two weeks away, whereas I was hoping for four, since like you I found most places were booked out under the old system.

    I'd only just got comfortable with the idea of riding on the road mid-Feb so the whole test idea was really scaring me. So if you're as comfortable as you say you'll do fine. Literally you will read over your post after the test and think gosh I was worried over nothing! But I always tank tests or exams no matter how prepared I am so I definitely know where you're coming from with the nerves.

    I was pretty shaky when I got there but sitting around waiting for everyone to turn up and having a chat with the others calmed me enough so I had steady enough hands when it came to getting on the bike. We all grabbed a bike and started riding around in a circle. I don't know if one person got instructed to do it but we all just fell in and followed the leader. Then cones came out and one of the instructors lead us through the course once and left us to cruise about. They'd jump in to change the course up after a few laps and give us tips as we went along. About half way through this I began to feel really calm and started thinking "yeah I can do this, being on the road is way scarier".

    Obviously that went away when we returned from the break and I realized it was time for the real test. But like I said earlier, told myself to breathe and there were enough practice runs at each exercise that I could figure out what was working for me and fix it the next time round. Then when they called it as the real run, just took a deep breath and redid what I had been doing and hoped for the best.
    They explain exactly how the points work for each exercise and what you should be doing. Seriously, just listen to them and you have very little to worry about.

    Personally I found the license test much easier than the permit. The left/right curve is just that a curve, it's not a "proper" turn like the L test. The idea here is to stay between the lines (its wider than the lines for the Ls) and complete the curve as fast as you can (20km being considered fast enough here).

    No u-turn. The test is literally just the exercises I mentioned, 6 total. YouTube "vicroads motorbike test" and there's 2 or 3 POV videos of people doing their test. You'll realise that you can do it.
    When I think of it they did make a u-turn out of cones during the practise session but it wasn't scored so nothing to worry about.

    Where are you booked in to do it?
  10. Really? well that makes me feel a little better.
    I'll give those youtube videos a look, might help seeing what im in for.

    well originally I wanted to book it in at Armstrong because they're good & that's where I went for my Ls but they were fully booked out until after march. I ended up booking it at Allstar MC Training Centre in Dandenong. bitof a hike from where i live but gotta get it done.
    where did you get yours done?
  11. I'm going for my P's next week, and from what I understand is that head checks are so important as the points increase.
    The first time you forget =1 point
    Second time = 3 points
    3rd time = 5 points.

    Also during the u-turn, if you go over the line it is 5 points, but if you put your foot down it is only 1 point.
    So if you think that you will go over the line, it's much better to put your foot down and keep inside the box.

    All the best with your test.
  12. Reading the confirmation letter, it says "Please note there is no formal training on the half day practice & test" did you guys do the half day or full day???
  13. I think I've missed the boat on the old system. I tried booking in my test online but now it looks like the new system has kicked in. Can anyone else confirm?

    Also what exactly is the difference from the old and new? I read that you now need to do a day of training and then sit a 1 on 1 road test a month later. Is that it?
  14. I did a half day/4 hours at Armstrongs. They were actually the only place I could get a spot in before the changes. I wouldn't say any of what I did was formal training. It says practice and test so you must get time to ride around before the actual test. Seriously get out of your head! You're going to be your worst enemy out there.
  15. Most places are fully booked before March 19 so online booking is only offering under the GLS. You can try calling around but I didn't have any luck when I did. On my test day the admin staff had a wait list and were confident that if anyone canceled they could call someone and have the spot taken within minutes.

    When I was looking into it I found HART's Q and A about the new system informative, and saves me retyping it all. I talk too much as it is haha

  16. Cheers thanks for that, confirms what I thought.

    Seems that if you already have a learner permit you don't have to redo the permit assessment and you can go straight to the license assessment.

    Apart from not being able to resit the assessment on the same day if you fail I can't really see many real changes.
  17. Haha really appreciate the vote of confidence guys!
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  19. Haha I passed!! :D
    19 points! Top of the class!
    Thanks for all your input guys, definitely helped!
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  20. Congrats!!
    I gotta say it: told ya you'd be fine! ;)
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