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Going for my P's tomorrow

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by OscarA, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. I'm going for my P's tomorrow and I just checked the weather forcast, it's going to be 33c. The requirements for tomorrow are long sleeves and pants. I can handle the pants but sleeves as well, 7hrs in 33c with long sleeves is going to be bloody uncomfortable. Serves me right I should have gone for my P's last July:eek:hno:

  2. Good luck man, I got mine this sunday and at the moment the forecast is 22-30, actually today I went out and bought a vented mesh jacket to try make it more tolerable then using my leathers. Im abit worried like you, would rather do it in winter then summer as its easier to stay warm then it is to cool down. I think the course has a good amount of theory so you might have the opportunity to take your jacket off, in sydney anyways, not sure about in victoria
  3. it won't be 7 hours on the bike...
    you could 'semi squid it' and ride in a long sleeved cotton shirt.
  4. Good luck. Use the "force" and you'll be fine.

  5. good luck pal, will be going for mine soon too
  6. Thanks guys, I've got a mesh jacket but wearing that at the low speeds I'll be doing during the test wont help much. It looks like i'll have to wear a blue business like shirt, I'll look like a tool but hey better that than sweating like a pig.
  7. Yes. I definitely recommend getting wireless synthetic jackets with the liner that you can remove. While you are on the go it should be cool enough, and when you stopped you can take your jacket/helmet & gloves off.

    Practice those U-turns at full lock! And remember, head checks head checks head checks!
  8. They do give you lots of breaks, so make sure you bring plenty of water along. Mesh jackets are really worthwhile, even if doing low speeds. I dont know how I survived in a leather jacket for so many summers, but have now learnt the error of my ways.
  9. I just posted a thread myself about going for mine on Thursday, where abouts are u doing yours?
    Good luck!
    Let us know how u do ;)