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Going for my P's tomorrow

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Hicksey11, May 4, 2009.

  1. Hi.

    Just wanted to let you all know that I'm going for my P's tomorrow. Any tips or hints about the test.


  2. Hicksey11,

    The P's test varies from state to state, however, I believe this topic may have been covered on numerous occasions, due to, obviously, the necessity for us all to go through this stage.
    I did my test in Melbourne a while ago. General items of testing are :
    * Turning left/right at speed
    * Emergency Stopping
    * Emergency Counter-steering

    I personally found my test extremely easy-much more relaxed than L's.
    If done in NSW, you can also expect cone-weaving and some have reported 180 degree turns included too.

    Best advice anyone can give you, which is true in all cases is: BE RELAXED. Ride in the same manner you have been doing since your L's. LISTEN carefully to the instructions issued on the day, but most importantly, HAVE FUN.

    It'll be over before you realise. Good luck and enjoy.

    PS - For more details, try the search function. This is a very popular topic.
  3. Wish you the best mate. :grin: Just relax and you'll be fine.
    Where r u going to do the test?
  4. I am going for my P's on Friday at RideTek at Sandown. Starts at 7:45am and end at about midday. Great thing is is that the course is displayed on their website so I already know what I will be doing.
    Looking forward to getting rid of the Yellow Square of Lame :p
  5. Good luck! I'm booked in for my licence test with RideTek at Sandown next Monday, starting to get old now so no P-plates for me though! :LOL:
  6. Best tip is just to relax.

    The test is easy, but people freak themselves out.
  7. Heh good point. I am 27, really should get out of the habit of saying P's.
    I am going for my Restricted License on Friday :grin:
  8. I imagine its a similar test I did here in Syd. In the group I was in all passed but everyone lost points for not doing a head check and (from memory) I think if you forget 3 times its an instant fail.

    It is easy to forget because you are in a closed environment and only really concentrating on the particular element you need to perform but trust me. HEAD CHECK ALL THE TIME
  9. I passed. I'm so glad. :grin: :grin:
    Because I live over 100km from the rta test ride centre, I only had to do my test in town. I did my L's at the centre, but I did my P's in town. They try to make it the same as the one at the ride centre, it's just that you are by yourself.

  10. Congrats mate!

    Test was easy wasnt it?
  11. Well done mate.
    Given me hope for Friday :grin:
  12. Grats mate! Enjoy the new found freedom.
  13. Hicksey11,

    Congratulations mate - well done !