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going for my p's tomorrow(passed, just)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by conan, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. yeah been reading up on the tips here , hope i pass, just one question tho , can i use my iridium visor for the test?

  2. Good Luck Conan :)

    I can't see why your visor would be a problem - should be fine.

    Let us know how it all goes!
  3. yeah thats what i was thinking but yeah i ride with it down and you cant see my face with it down tho, haha no worries you will be hearing about it when i pass lol (probs wont be able to shut me up)
  4. You'll only have it down for the road ride anyway so should be sweet :)
  5. GOOD LUCK Conan!!!!!!! :grin: :grin:
    You mean we will not be able to shut you upat Coffee :LOL:

    Anyway best of luck
    Cheers Lou and Toohey
  6. Good luck mate... Head Check...Head Check... Head Check..
  7. +1 to what karl said, if you stop period do a head check, even on the road ride when you pull out after a stop remember to head check even if it looks like the instructor isn't looking he will see

    good luck conan, hopefullyyou will get sympathy for riding a hyo :p :LOL: jokes mate
  8. +10 on what Karl says.

    It's 5 points for each head check you miss....SO REMEMBER TO DO THEM.

    Good Luck !!!!!!!!!
    hope we see that P plate at coffee

  9. hahaha yeah ill force my self to headchecks , i do them anyway cause i the only thing i see in my mirrors is my ellbows , or people move them on me lol
  10. hahahahahaha
  11. Best of luck. Also remember that you need your blinkers on for 5 seconds before changing direction, that includes lane changes and pulling away from the curb.

    Oh, and you should also remember to head check.
  12. head check
  13. Head check right, head check left, go!

    Good luck Sir.
  14. Good luck mate - stay relaxed, it's possible to enjoy the day!

    Seriously though, chill out - especially for the test, it's totally a mind over matter thing. Work hard during the practise sessions, listen to the instructor, HEAD CHECK and you'll be fine.
  15. Good luck mate - let us know you go!

  16. Hey conan - where you doing your test?

    I got mine tomorrow too at Loftus TAFE...

    Good luck!
  17. i got em , had 8 points tho cause i stuffed up the u-turn( foot down twice and crossed the line going out) and went to fast for the emergency stop, other then that its all good , never ever doing a tight u-turn again
  18. did mine at rouse hill, just up from the mean fiddler hahaha
  19. Congrats!! You newly P annointed rider you!!

  20. thanks , feels so good to be that one year away from a full licence