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Going for my Ps test on and XVS650 with Vance & Hines Pi

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Cayne, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone, hows it going.

    On Monday I am going for my Ps test at Rouse Hill Training Centre. What I am unsure of is:
    1. I know there are a lot of really tight turns etc required to pass the test. I can go in circles both ways on full lock for a bit before I need to put a foot down, so I am not too worried about that, its just the wheel base. I am not sure if I should just hire a bike on the day to do the test because it may be easier to handle their little bikes in the test.

    and 2. I have already put Vance and Hines Short Shots on and they are fairly loud, do you think it is suitable to do the test and make a racket like that on the course? Plus I am still not 100% if they are perfectly legal or not. I don't want to make a bad impression. Any thoughts guys?

  2. I have the V&H Shorts Shots on mine and there is no way I'd take them to main roads dept unless I absolutely had to, let alone for a test where they will inspect the bike. There is no way they pass the noise rules, your only aloud 92db or something.

    I would hire a GS500 or something for your test, it'll be easier to do on the gs500 anyway.
  3. I think NSW may have different noise restriction laws... Ill look it up.
    Cheers for your thoughts
  4. I cant comment on the pipes and whether or not they will give you grief at the test, but I can say I passed my P's test on xvs650 after failing on the cb250. Basically I didnt get used to the different position and wasnt comfortable enough on the cb250. I got panicky when I was braking/throttling/clutching for the emergency brake test so I locked up the front and went down - instant fail. I blame the unfamiliar bike and the pressure of being in test conditions. When I went back on my own bike I was so much more relaxed and comfortable the test was a piece of p!ss.
  5. Hmm thanks for that bit of info. Maybe the best thing to do is whip off the V&Hs on sunday and wack the stocks back on. That way I can ride my own bike comfortably and not worry about the pipes making too much noise...
  6. I wasn't far off it's 94db for modern bikes in NSW like in QLD;

    "For most cars, the relevant exhaust noise limit is 90 decibels and for motorcycles, 94 decibels."


    Here's some testing info as well;

    In the case of a motor cycle:
    (i) for a two-stroke engine 3750 rpm
    (ii) for a four-stroke engine:
    from Harley Davidson 2500 rpm
    from any other manufacturer 3000 rpm


    So basically to be legal your xvs650 with the SS has to be at or under 94 db @ 3000rpm.. the stock pipes are 88db I think.. so I would be really really surprised if the shorties are legal.

    Mine are loud and I have the quiet baffels in as well so if your running the stock baffels they come with they have no packing in them at all. I wouldn't be risking it.

    Think you'd be best off swapping the stock pipes back on for your test mate or using another bike.
  7. Thanks for the info mate. Helped heaps. I think I will just swap the pipes over for the day. Should only take me around half an hour. I would really like to stay with my bike on the test, I feel as though I know it pretty well now. I have rode it at least an hour a day since I got my Ls, sometimes up to 5 hours a day. So as you can imagine I am pretty used to it now. I think with the pressure of the test I don't need to be trying to get a feel for another bike at the same time.
  8. It certainly helps to be relaxed on the test, and being on your own bike will just help your confidence as you know how it will behave. It's one of the things I do like about q-ride here.

    The SS do sound sweet though :) love mine. Good luck btw.
  9. Indeed the SSs do sound awesome, it really suprised me after I installed them and started it up. Those peashooters that come stock are horrible. I had a stupid grin on my face all day after that :LOL:

    Thanks once again for the info mate, and cheers for the good luck with the test :)
  10. I don't think they measure the noise of the exhaust when doin the P's test coz when I did mine I had a Yoshi system and it was definitely over the legal limit. All they checked were the indicators, brake lights and rego.
    I think they would assume its legal since its road registered.

    Also probs best doing it on your own bike coz you know the feel for the bike, just practice b4 you do the course. I did mine at Rouse Hill as well they pretty good there also the practice you do throughout the day is actually harder than the test itself.
  11. They do a roadworthy test before the P course yes, but they wont send you home for it being too loud unless you have slash cuts or something similarly extreme.

    You'll be pottering around up to 20-30kmh most of the time, shouldn't be an issue.
  12. Cheers for that info mate, ill keep that in mind throughout the day so the pressure isn't too bad before the test . Also, do you think I should risk it? Is my booking fee gone and I have to re book? Or is worst case I have to use one of their bikers? Does anyone know? :?
  13. Exhaust noise level is not checked for the MOST, they check the lights and horn are working and for that the bike does not even have to be running unless the headlight does not come on unless the bike is running as in my case!

    I wouldn't want to say it won't be a problem and then you find it is because you will lose the money and have to rebook if they don't like it.

    How much work is it to put the original pipes back on? If you have them I would say do that.

  14. maybe down south the inspectors etc aren't as toey as up here but i think if you rocked up on something in QLD that was obviously well over the limit they would at the very least give you a notice to have it tested and likely fail you.

    Putting it in their face like that to me is just asking for grief. Would be keen to know how you'd get on though :)
  15. G'day mate. I was there on the GV250 that day you did the test on the CB250. Glad to hear you passed the next attempt!
  16. Just curious how you ended up with this?? I have ordered a new bike with SS on them and wanted to know how the MOST went with them on?
  17. 1st of all best of luck mate on the day
    When I went for mine in Hobart I turned up hoping I could do mine on my vt400 Shadow & another guy had a xvs650 classic with after market pipes. The pipes were no issue but the interpretation on the U turn was. I'd been practising the turn on an angle getting both wheels inside the box (no worries) but the instructor required verticle in - uturn - vertical out! No chance for both of us on the cruisers. We were still allowed to do the road ride on our own bikes tho.

    Again best of luck & make sure you stay relaxed