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going for my p's (my brakes are gone i think)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by 187_cbr, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. hi i own a cbr250 and i manged to borrow my work mates CB250
    to do my test on tomorrow
    but his brakes are almost dead and makes noise at times and the brake fuild is on the lower mark
    im just wondering if they would let me do my test on the cb250

  2. If you mention which state/city you're doing it in will probably help.
  3. Are you for farking real? Guess you've borrowed his cause yours is an unroadworthy pos & so is his! If you make it there without killing yourself I hope they fail you & his bike! If you can't afford a roadworthy bike then stay off the road! Hey dude the roads are a farking dangerous place if the bike & the rider can't cut it! A learner/newly licenced rider needs at the very least a fully competent bike!
  4. nah my cbr250 is 100% roadworthy
    i just was told it was hard to preform the U turn in it, and my work mate told me to use his cause its heaps easy on it
    which i did and only relized that the breaks where on its way out
    but anyways

    i did the test today (at granville/clyde)and rented there bike and passed it ,
    it was a great day ,learnt more things to improve my riding , was good fun and all 6 of us passed
  5. Congrats mate! Welcome to the world of licenced riders! You'll find it goes faster without the yellow anchor!
  6. congratulations :grin:
  7. thanx guys
    it only begins now , there heaps more i have to learn :)