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Going for my P's my bike or theirs?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mini_chew90, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Hey quick question,
    I am going for my P's in Victoria and I am wondering should I use their bike or my own(cbr125)?
    Also how far away from the object should you be on the counter-steer (I gotta practice)?

  2. When i was doing my P's test someone in another group on your bike passed easily. Looked really smooth out there too. So it shouldn;t be a problem but that was in Sydney. No idea how the Melb test differs.
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  4. i did it on my bike (bandit 250) as after about 1 lap of the course, i got off their piece of shit CB250, as it was plain unko (IMO) in the controls, switch gear, etc! jumped on my bike and breezed through the training and test without an issue. probably cause i was use to it.

    the only thing you'll have a problem with on the CBR will be the tight right hand U turn. to practice it, simply go to a car park, and practice doing a u-ey in 2 parking spaces (side by side), as that's about the same width as the test.

    ask VCM, we hit the local industrial park for a couple hours practicing late one night! :LOL:
  5. There's a tight right hand u-turn? Since when?
  6. Sheppo is right ...
    From memory, the tight u-turn was something we had to do during the full-day course. It was not, however, part of the test.
    I still hit that industrial park every now and again, mostly to practice pillioning. :)
  7. I did mine in the ACT on Sat and passed on my GS500. Probably not the best bike for it. But a guy in my group hired theirs and failed. He looked uncomfortable on it straight away. I rekon do it on your bike. Go with what you know.
  8. Did mine in NSW with the cbr125 and had no problem with the U turn, just practice it all and you'll be most comfortable on your own bike.
  9. test is so basic. if you can ride you will pass the test.
    dont worry about counter steering.
    if the light says left, go left. if it says right, go right.
    if you want to do the counter steer, then do it. as long as you stop when you get the stop signal you wont fail for going the wrong way.

  10. mattydals is right.

    It is more important not to fall off during the test stage than it is too turn in the correct direction. Theoretically, you can turn the wrong way every time, and you will lose points, but you can still pass the test. However, if you don't make an effort to turn the right way, they will fail you anyway.

    As long as you can do slow work well on your own bike, use that. Otherwise the CB250s are very easy to do slow riding on.
  11. ^^ what has already been said.

    Test in Victoria is 2 sweeping turns and 4 runs down towards a set of lights where you have to turn left, right and stop 2x in a random order. Easy even compared to the L's test. (the random pattern you get is determined by your score from the 2 sweeping corners)

    Nothing apart from dropping the bike is a fail, no indicators or headchecks or any real skills during the test. hell the 'emergency braking' is only done at a speed greater then 20km/h and less then 40km/h (just stay close to 20)

    All that said Armstrongs in Thomastown where I did mine will only allow you to use their bikes due to insurance.
  12. EDIT: It seems that when the site said "Unable to connect" what it actually meant was, "I have recorded your post but no matter how many times you press refresh you shall never see it! ohh and look the site is down now"