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Going for my P's in NSW

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sancho123456, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Three months have flown by and i should shortly be ready to go for my P's! I am in NSW and i own an RVF400, many people have told me not to take my bike with me due to the fact that it is a sports bike and i will have difficulty passing the tests due to the speed and lean factor. I feel confident on the bike BUT do not want to do the tests more than once!

    Does anybody have any feedback or suggestions i was thinkin bout hiring one of thier bikes as they are cruisers and their turning circles are alot better. I have tried doing slow and tight u turns on my bike and so far it cannot be done without putting a foot down.

  2. The morning of my P's my bike wouldn't start at all. There was no indication of anything wrong prior to that. Sods law! I had to rebook as it was too late to hire one, but I made sure to hire a bike for the 2nd test. That way if anything is wrong with it, its up to them to sort it, not you. However, if you are putting your foot down when turning at slow speeds then you will have difficulty passing the test. The CB250's are very easy to turn and steer at slow speeds, and that was my first time ever one one. I reckon you would be better off hiring one.
  3. I just went for my P's on Friday on my XVS650 cruiser. everybody was telling me that I'd never be able to pass on that so i rang up the centre and asked them to tentatively book a CB250 for me, just in case. Once I turned up to the course, and went around a few times, my confidence grew and I decided I didn't need the CB. Besides it saving me $150, it also gave me the satisfaction of passing on the bike that I ride around on and telling everybody that I actually passed on the XVS. Having said that, though, if you don't feel comfortable on your bike and you don't want to take the chance of failing the test, hire one of theirs, get the test over and done with, and carry on riding. Plenty of people hire from the training centre on the day. I'm a bit of a gambler so I backed myself and saved some money....


    BTW before the course/test find yourself a carpark and practice there. The entire P's test is available on the RTA website, and there's a good thread here about it also(search and ye shall find). Don't get nervous and you'll be fine....

    Cheers All....
  4. i got mine on fri , !! i can do the uturn , but havent tried the cone weave
  5. Read this ,great info.

    And head check left and right.
    And also head check
    and you should head check.
    I was told to head check.
    Wait a sec ,my mates talking to me .

    OH he said ,make sure you HEAD CHECK.
    got it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Good luck ,there is no excuses to fail ,if Gypsy can pass on the beast ,but hes got talent ,don't think Rossi could pass on the cruiser.
    LOL. :p
  6. Sled, luck played a big part in it. But you're right, head check, head check, and head check some more. And in your cone weave and u-turn, you're better off hitting a cone (not like that), or going wide on the u-turn, rather than putting your foot down. You may lose a point or 2 but you have 8 to play with. But fail a head check or 2 and you will be rebooking your test....

  7. One more question! Is the P's test a two day thing or is it one day? Like i mean do they give you practice time or somethin like that how does it work?
  8. It all happens on one day. The instructor will take everyone (no more than 8) through each of the exercises to make sure that you can do it, and you get to practice all of the exercises for a couple of hours. After that you do the test 1 by 1 and are you know straight away if you passed or failed. After that, you go out for a group ride to improve your road skills. You have passed the test at that stage, but they only give you your cert at the end of the day so you have to stick around. Its a very good course anyway. The P's is alright, just remember the head check! Good luck!
  9. Hey Sancho,

    I'd go with what Gypsy said.. book a bike, have a go on your own, and if you're not very happy with it, take the CB250. It really is a doddle to ride.

    For myself, doing the u-turn was the greatest obstacle...

    Good luck.. there's no such feeling as getting rid of the blasted L-plates ( especially if you're over 30, been on a bike for 15+ years, and only had to do the bloody test to keep the red-tapers happy ! ).

    Keep safe

  10. Get some chalk and a tape measure from the $2 shop and mark out the course on a empty quiet street ,industrial areas a good on a sunday ,on one around.

    You get SOOOOOOOOO much time to practices ,i sat and watched the others practices i got that dizzy.
    And remember hit the line in the U turn and you lose 5 points ,if your not going to make it ,put foot down 1 point.
  11. I got Q's for the cone weave is 4.0m in meters? cause i have marked out the course outside and 4m seems to be a gap that seems simple
  12. Yes, but have you also 'off set them??' Then when you practice it remember you have to start by going 'around' the first off set and not 'inside' the first offset.

    I found that the distance between the cones wasn't the problem it was the offset and the fact you had to weave so far out for the next one. I still passed without loosing a mark but i found that the most difficult part of the test at low speed on my pig turning circle bike.
  13. The offset on the cone weave is the killer. Cone weave hardest obstacle by far. Everything else is fairly easy if you have been riding your bike enough.
    As mentioned, head checks. Girl on my course got failed by the second obstacle of the test, purely on head checks...........they don't care if you only look one way, and I always look right anyway. get into the habit, it will save your life.
    I think anyone with a bike they have been riding almost daily should be able to pass the test. The type of bike doesn't matter. I would take my GTR around the course now I have had some time on the bike.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. i think i did mark the offset , if i go the the training place , am i allowed to have a look or no? , ill go take a pic of the course i set up also
  15. In NSW.. you get to practice for about an hour.. at least, the bunch out at Rouse Hill let us.. complete with tips, help, and everything else you need.

    As typhoon said.. anyone that rides regularly will ace the test.

    Where are you going for your test ksystemz ?
  16. i ride everyday , clyde i want to pass as i need to ride for work , here is my cone weave i have set up


    and i have a video too , so if i pass these vids/pics would help a Learner study for the test
  17. sorry to bring up a old thread,

    I just booked in my p's (mid november being their earliest time) test and at the moment im not going to hire a bike.

    is this a big mistake?

    i am comfortable on my bike and can do a u turn and the cone weave. Ive just read a lot about hiring cb250's to make it easier. have people passed on sports style bikes?

    Also, How can you tell when your emergency braking is good enough? When i do them (usually from 50 - 70ks) sometimes the back wheel locks a little, sometimes it lifts a little and even the front wheel locking a tiny bit at the end. With the turning you can tell weather its good or not but with the braking its hard to tell.
  18. i did mine on sunday, on my across. 100% ow yeah. i recommend that if you feel comfortable with your own bike go for it. i had a guy on my course with a new GS500F full fairings and the guy had amazing balance. the bike was bearly moving faster then a snail throughout the entire course, he aced the couse but racked up 7 points for not head checking. he soo nearly failed.

    i think they can deduct points for not head checking on the road ride too. we did our road ride before the final coarse test.
  19. Hay there guy's can anyone tell me what are the point's you lose on hte obstacle turn and emergancy stop?I've been out all week practising and I've got cone weave and uturn and left turn with stop going good but I seem to struggle with these two. I think I might be setting up before you can I'm not not quite as I've had no one watch me do it. Or are these a total fail on the whole course. :( Or any surgestions how to improve it would be great. Wish me luck guy's 4 more days.
    Cheers Lou