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Going for my P's.... at Botany

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bragi0, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Anyone done a test there? Are they good, or are they bastards? Anyone remember roughly where you ride around?

  2. they were quite good, spend plenty of time on everything and are very fair with the testing. when we went on the ride we rode out to foreshore drive then towards matraville then left out towards botany bay national park, out to the pistol range in the national park then back again. too easy really except there was a fair bit of traffic through the mascot shops :)
  3. I was out on Price of Wales Drive at Port Botany yesterday practicing on the cone weave and U-turn that they have marked out there.

    I'm going for my Ps out at Clyde, anyone remember what the ride was like out there?
  4. yeah i practiced there too but they do it at the rta place now. all marked out within the gates.
  5. cheers guys... looks like google maps/earth is going to get a workout tonight. Then my motorbike a bit of a workout riding around the area so I can be a bit comfy with it.
  6. have they still got the woman on the R1? She was good when i came through many years ago