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Going for my Ls tomorrow. Whats the definition of 'sturdy' ?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nake., Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Going for my Ls test tomorrow, and im a little confused about the clothing i am required to wear.

    My mate has said he wore Macbeths and a hoody with jeans..

    They say sturdy clothes, would i be able to wear a long sleeve "builders" shirt, skate shoes, and jeans?

    Because i really dont want to get to the learning centre and be pushed back my $73. And yes i will be buying leathers and riding boots / gloves soon :)

    Oh, its in tuggerah if anyone has done their test there. Thanks :)
  2. for sturdy I would be looking at minimum Jeans, shoes that cover your whole foot(and preferably ankle), and a Long sleeve shirt(Not SILK!), I wore a thick woven shirt. Probably be best in a flanny.
  3. They say "sturdy" but that's only for your own protection.

    Their requirement is that you have all your skin covered, so just make sure you wear a long sleeve shirt, jeans, and shoes (thongs aren't counted).

    You'll find that the testing officers just wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants and non bike specific boots.
  4. i would advise against hiking boots, the soles are too think and makes changing gears difficult.

    Just decent shoes, jeans and long sleeves, if it was winter you would pop on a thick jacket, but you have to remember that you are only going max ~25km/h on the l's course.
  5. so if i was to wear jeans, a woven woolen long sleeve shirt and skate shoes, that would be OK?
  6. Yep :grin: I just wore enclosed shoes, jeans, and a long sleeve shirt. You want to be comfortable. Remember to bring some water with you and some lunch. Have fun!
  7. yea you'd be fine with that. the tighter fitting the shoe the better chance you got with the gear shifter. good luck. don't let the nerves take over
  8. Good luck mate. I just passed mine today. My advice; Listen, don't be a cocky knno it all (they hammered an arrogant dirt rider), and relax.

    Good luck
  9. I finished my L's on Wednesday last week. I just wore jeans and a rugby jersey - it was fine.

    You don't go much above 20km/h. Their rule at HART St Ives was that there must be no skin showing. I took my Dainese jacket as well - that I'd bought for Christmas (sale), but then decided it was complete and utter overkill and that I would look like a doobie so left it in the car haha.
  10. would dunlop volleys be OK? they are tight so i will be able to acess the gear changer easier, and if i wear longer socks my skin wouldnt be showing from the bottom of my jeans
  11. "And _ _ _ _ _ WAS HIS NAME'O!"
  12. they wont turn you away for it anyway.

  14. Mate just to be on the safe side you should probably suit up in a 1pc race suit and race boots, you can never be too careful! :LOL:

    Don't stress mate, the volleys will be right, i wore runners and jeans and a long sleeve shirt. No dramas. Only problem was it pissed down rain so we donned the famous yellow jackets and continued to learn :LOL:

    good luck with the course and your future riding :wink:
  15. o/t, but why not silk? :?:
  16. Hey, im going for mine at tuggerah aswell on monday and tuesday. And i dont have any jeans, is it necessary to wear them? :(
    Also are you able to wear a jacket instead of wearing a long sleeve shirt? Also the RTA lady said i will not be able to do the course if i do not bring sunscreen a hat and wet weather protection :/ ???
  17. interesting first post and thread revival.