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going for my L's test today 18th jan 2009.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 4evafit, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. so i went up to tuggerah yesterday for the first part of my L's test. the class started at 6:30pm and finished at 10pm. i was super scared and worried. i have never sat on a bike in my life. the guy began by explaining the rules and safety of the rider. including helmet, gloves, jacket and boots. i was shiting my self as i can hear the other class out side reving there bikes. after that we all grabed a helmet and gloves and headed outside to the practice area. he started explaining how to turn on the bike and what not. it was very informative not missing one thing at all. then we went through a few exercises which consisted of clutch control, throttle control, braking, cornering and finally gear changing up and down. i was riding very well i was impressed by my own performance lol. everything went very smooth and im very happy. the guy was saying that all of us are going to pass and that we all done very well. there was 4 guys including me in the class. one of the blokes was telling me that he knows a chick that done the L's down there 2 weeks ago and she went flying into the fence and fell off the bike and still passed lol. so i think i should be right. im going for the other part today so wish me luck boyz and i'll keep you guys updated on what happens.

  2. Well done, considering you've never sat on a bike before. :)

    Good luck mate!

    :shock: :shock:
  3. Good luck mate. I to am going for the second part of my L test today. Everything has gone well so far, so here's to hoping that continues today (touch wood).

  4. really thats cool. hope everything goes well for u bro.
  5. when i did my l's someone crashed off the course and got to resit the test that arvo. and at the p's test a bloke crashed also. resat and passed again. just dont let the nerves get you and you'l be fine. they're there to help you anyway so no stress. good luck both of you
  6. hey boyz just letting you's know that i passed. im so happy right now. i just have to go for the computer test then bob's my uncle.
  7. Well Done !
  8. Well done and welcome.

    I was in the same boat. I failed my first attempt of the SU course but passed the second time with a whole lot more confidence. Car parks and quiet surburbs are a great way to further build confidence in riding :wink:
  9. done. passed the computer test today after work. got all the questions right. after completing my test and collecting my L plates, off i went to the nearest motorcycle Accessorie store and began my gear shopping. i dont have anything so i need to buy everything. i got the basics for now. i bought a helmet for $200 and a pair of gloves for $50. heres some pics: is this a good brand?:



    i put my gear on and headed for the road. i started driving around the block to get a feel of my bike. i keep forgeting to indicate and when i do i dont turn it off. also when im slowing down for a giveway sign, and theres no tracffic i dont know what gear im in and what gear to use to take the corner. i think it will come with time. any tips from u experienced riders will be great. obviously im not ready for traffic and stuff but i will ride everyday in my area until i grow confiedence then i will try some light traffic and so on. if u havent seen my bike its here:


  10. hey congrats 4evafit! You passed at the same place I did my L's as well! I have to tell you that I went careening into the fence on the morning of the 2nd day when we jumped on the bikes for the warm up ride. Embarassing, but good lesson learnt there, ie. LOOK where you want to go, and re-lax..
  11. hey mate congrats, with ur little indicator problem i leave my thumb resting on the indioctor switch to remind myself to turn it off.. it soon gets really uncomfy if ur thumb is there too long.. just something i learnt from my QRIDE instructor.

    when i had my little across i was always in second gear when approaching giveway signs and intersections if i had to stop i would clutch it and then shift into first before i put my foot down.. that way if u dont have to put ur foot down u can take of alot smoother in second then jerking around in first.. just got to remember to keep the revs up :D

    happy riding
  12. Congrats mate.

    Good luck with the traffic lights, I hope the traffic light sensors are better in your area than in mine (assuming you're at the front of the right hand turn lane ) :p
  13. hey thanks guys. i just came back from a ride in my area. this time i went into traffic not intending to, but shit happens. the traffic was moderate and i was shiting bricks. i had this dude tailgate me in a 50 zone it was annoying as hell. i just stayed calm and drove normal. when im on the bike i feel like the whole world has stoped and everyone is looking at me. does anyone feel the same? with the down shifting im still having problems with it. dont know what gear im in 3rd or 2nd. its geting to my head a little. as i was cruising at 70km the wind was so intense i had to lower my head behind the windscreen. i was going to fly off. is that normal?
  14. G'day,

    As for gears, I have found that I just keep an eye on the tacho, if the revs are getting to low I downshift. As for the wind, I'm getting use to it (wait till you hit 100!!) i just do what the instructor told me and that is to remain in a loose comfortable position and use the legs a little more to grip the tank.
  15. Yep. You will also be able to feel it as well. I prefer to feel it, as I don't have to look at the dials and can concentrate of the flow of traffic etc.
  16. i think im getting the down shifting in place now. it needs more practice. it was raining in my area today really bad and i got home from work and my bike was all wet. i got worried thinking its going to all rust up and shit. is it alright to leave the bike in the rain? the disc brakes have rust on then is that normal?

    anyway i really felt like riding but the weather was bad. being a newbie riding in the rain is not a good idea. plus my tyres feel like there flat, does anyone know what psi the zzr should be?

    after a long think about it i said fcuk it i got my helmet and jacket and headed for the road. i drove to the gym in wet weather and it wasn't to bad. the road was wet but it wasn't raining. i didnt wear my gloves just to get a feel of it and i found it alot comfortable and the issue with the indicating is gone when i dont wear gloves. the only thing i fcuked up is when i was on the lights turning onto the hume hwy i toke off in 2nd thinking it was in first and i stalled it. the cars behind me beeped me and i was like shit and when i tryed starting it in wouldn't start. after the second attempt it got going and i gunned the shit out of it because i was pissed with my self. i got to like 90kms before slowing down. the other mistake i did was as i was pulling into my drive way i down shifted to first and when i let the clutch out the bike started jumping and carrying on so i just pulled the clutch in and rolled it in.
  17. Letting your emotions take control and gunning the shit out of your bike on wet roads with no gloves, when you've only just recently got your licence... Not a good idea.
  18. This is not a post to tell you to wear the gear. Instead, think of it like this, how hard would it be to go through life without the use of your fingers or hands?

    Yes, riding in the rain is a good thing. Getting experience in all sorts of conditions is commendable. Just take the time to think about what you are doing and spend a little more time getting geared up.

    Indicators with gloves issue, what exactly are you having issues with? Sorry if you have posted it before, just got back from indoor soccer and I'm not in the heavy reading mood :wink:

    I did the majority of my early riding during the autumn and winter months. I have some decently thick winter gloves, which make feeling the controls that little bit harder. However, it did teach me how far my friction point was and how to reach the indicators. Your bike should have push to cancel indicators right??

    A good pair of summer gloves will allow you to get a good feel of the controls. My Berik's are a little thick in the palms but thin enough in the fingers for the feel. My Teknic gloves are spot on. Fairly breezy, light and close to perfect for feeling the controls.
  19. yeah i know man im always geared up, but just wanted to try something different. i mean that the gloves are a little bit long on the tips of my fingers and when i got to indicate i dont feel the controls very well. it makes me look down which means to take my eyes of the roas to see if ive indicated or not. same when i turn it off. and yes it is push to turn off but its still hard to know if u turned it off or not.
  20. Aaah. You will get it. I still manage to hit the horn on occasion when I am cancelling the indicators :facepalm:

    You should be able to see your console and the flashing light by dropping your eyes down a bit. Peripheral vision should also help. The best advice I've seen around the traps is to make it a habit to cancel indicators before shifting gears or do a mental count of 5 flashes (or whatever feels right) then cancel.