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Going for my license in 10 hours.. so excited

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kiet88, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    I 'm going for my license in 10 hours!!!.. so excited... Had my learners for for 3 months and 5 days... I get to skip the P's stage since my the P's for my car finished today.

    So excited.. Even though I wont be going out to change my bike anytime soon, it will just feel good to be off my L's...

    first thing I'm gonna do after the test is get home do a oil change, lube+ clean my chain, give the bike a good wash in prep for the Choco run on Saturday.

    Can't wait.. :D
  2. just dont get nervous, people who tend to be nervous fail for stupid things

  3. Its a good 30-40 minute ride to the testing centre so hopefully all the nerves will be gone by the time i get there...
  4. Am I allowed to wear a tinted visor during the test? OR should I wear my clear visor?
  5. There shouldn't be any issues with a tinted one

    Just make sure its going to be daytime both before and after the test. I did my Q-ride with a tinted because it started just after lunch, but carried into night time around 6.30 ish

    I got a few friendly reminders to be careful about that, but nothing more.

  6. HEADCHECKS ... OMG, please dont forget your headchecks !!!!!
    Good luck mate.
  7. So how did you go?
  8. Kiet88
    The bad news is you don’t “Skip” the Ps, you just don’t have to fly the plate and it is only for 1 year instead of 3. All other restrictions apply.
    Amentha, it takes a course that is the better part of a day in Vic, so he won’t be answering till mid afternoon.
  9. Passed! Took about 2 hours.. got home and completed a service on the bike.. ready for tomorrow

    Will actually, I am on my full license for motorbike as well as car. But i just have restrictions. So no officially "probationary" period as such.
  10. And how does that work when everyone else with a full car licence and are mature age have to do 1 year of P Plates ( in NSW anyway) for their bike
  11. I dunno about NSW, but in Vic, if you're on your full car license, you get a "full" motorcycle license too when you pass the motorcycle license exam, and do not have to put a P plate on while you're riding. BUT, you still have the "E" condition on your license (with a date one year from the date you passed your motorcycle license exam), which prohibits you from a non-LAMS bike or putting on a pillion passenger for a year.

    If you're still on your probational car license (or don't have a car license at all), then you still have to ride with a P plate, and ride with 0 BAC. E condition is the same as above.
  12. I just read my post again and it was very bad english(grammar)..

    But in Vic, if you have a full car license, when you finish your learner period on your motorcycle you go straight to a Full Motorbike license. However, you have the exact same restrictions as a learner for a period of 1 year.. So LAMS bike, no pillion, zero alcohol and so worth..

    However, if you were on your car P's or L's, you would then have P's on your bike untill you got a full car license, or 4 years is up, which ever occurs first. - This part may be wrong but its there or there abouts.
  13. Jey Kiet, congrats on passing :) pitty about the restrictions, but still no P plates :)
  14. cheers and congrats
  15. Well done you!
  16. Thanks all
  17. Congrats. It's a great feeling, isn't it?