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Going for my Licence

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rustyrider, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    I have been riding on "L's" for about a year and slowly clocking up the Km's and experience. I am now booked in for my license in two weeks time. Can any of you who have gone for your license recently offer any advise on the things that would be beneficial to practice on the bike over the next fortnight in preparation?

  2. No advice from me, just a hearty.

    Good luck.
  3. Listen to the Instructors! At The place I went to at Tulla, the instructors make the difference. Otherwise get out and get some confidence, and you'll be alright. Good luck!
  4. 49 years old with a year's practise??? You'll blitz it; you've already done most of the hard things you'll do in your whole life :).
  5. +1
    easier than the learner's test
  6. Just don't try to guess the lights. Instructors will stress this.

    Then what happens? First guy up tries to guess the light and went over the bars.

    apart from that its a walk in the park. Good luck :)
  7. I'm on L's and eventually going down that road too, so I just wanted to wish you good luck on your test... I'm sure you'll do well.
  8. good luck i will be going for mine sooner or later too
  9. I can't help you since the tests are very different now from when I did mine. It sounds like you've been doing everything you can - getting experience etc. I am a mature aged apprentice and even though I used to be an average student I find myself doing very well in trade school because I want to put the effort in to do well.

    You have some experience, you have the motivation to do well - I wouldn't be surprised if you were top of the class. Don't get nervous, just enjoy the experience.
  10. all i can say is dont be over confident and just relax.
    another thing if the place were you are doing your test dont care much about the clutch ask if you can start of in second as you didnt have to change gear and then get the bike stable at about 22Km/h.

    +1 to not guessing the light box, even if you are a little late on brakes or turns u have to do really really bad to fail.
    the day i did mine at motorcycle motion in morrabbin he tried to be over confident and was throwing the bike every were and on a small course. well he fell off :LOL: :grin:
    and good luke not that you will need it with that much practice, i only did my 3 months and i lost six points.

    Just Relax
  11. I'm getting the guts up to book in for mine P's soon - Great advice Thak you all

    Good luck to :grin: