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Going for my first big ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MADAZ_ROTARY, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Well i have been doing plenty of riding lately (on mates bikes that i hijacked... i mean borrowed :LOL: ) but on saturday i will be flying over to melbourne to pick up my new bike and riding it back to hobart :wink: Im not worried about the ride just after some opinions on gear to take

    I finished getting all my riding gear today (new boots, iridium vidor, leather jacket, pants and other odds and ends), i was just wondering what sort of tools etc i should take keeping in mind a) im flying over and bringing a backpack so it will be taken on the plane (no knife, screwdrivers etc) b) i want to travel light.

    Anyway anything you can think of would be good, im sure since it is a fairly new bike it will be a hassle free run but better to be safe than sorry and stuck somewhere in the rain :LOL:

    Cheers Az
  2. If you're riding it back to Hobart may I suggest a snorkel or some scuba gear? :p :LOL:

    Seriously though how far do you have to go? Also tools are only any good if you know what to do with them.

    Like you say you wont be able to take much on the plane anyway also don't think I'd want too many tools floating around in a back pack in case of an off.

    Before you ride off maybe have a look at the chain slack making sure it's adjusted properly, use the guys tools if need be.

    Maybe consider RACT Roadside for peace of mind?

    Good luck! :)
  3. Im a fitter and turner by trade so fixing stuff aint a problem, its more as you pointed out i dont want a shit load of gear in a back pack in case i have an off and also most tools would struggle to be taken on as hand luggage with security these days.

    I think the use his tools and check it would be the way to go but im sure everything will be in good nic as the bike has been taken care of very well by the looks of it. I guess im more over thinking things and as i said coming from rotarys where you need to be a mazda mechanic to drive a modified one any sort of distance (cause they always have something go worng no how well built they are :LOL: )

    And i will be taking the ferry, still dont have a scuba ticket :p

  4. Well i made the trip with no worrys at all.

    everything went smoothly apart from a mild hangover and cyclone like winds down the midlands hwy :LOL: