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Going for L's, what to wear?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Romie, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Hi long time reader first time poster. When reading the RTA site on what to wear it says I need boots, leather/denim jacket and jeans/leather pants.

    Can I get away with jeans, some nikes and no jacket? I only own cotton/fleece jumpers so i got nothing to really wear for protection unless i buy some rider gear now.

    How strict are they on what you wear? Dont want to fork out all this money on gear then find out im to unco to ride a motorike.

    Thanks in advance, Jerome

  2. I'm going for my learners too. I'm doing it at HART, they say you can wear anything, as long as all your skin is covered, but I'm in Vic. I Would just give the place your going for your L's a call and ask. If they have a website, check that.
  3. I did my L's a month back at St Ives. Just jeans, blundstones and jacket.
    Few of the guys had running shoes, one had a fleece.

    Reckon you should be okay as long as your arms and legs are covered.

    (It was the first time that I rode a bike too. I don't think we got above 20km)

  4. You don't need full protective gear.

    Wear jeans, long sleave sturdy jacket and boots. As above all your skin must be covered

    There was one guy at my pre learners with running shoes on and the instuctor let him stay but he had to sign a waiver saying that he was not protecting his ankles and he was told to wear boots for the next night.
  5. same as above aslong as you have skin covered. I wore jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt with sneakers
  6. Did mine out at Penrith.

    Called the day before to check and basically long sleeves and jeans + enclosed shoes, whether they were boots or whatever. I wore chucks, jeans and a hoody and it was fine.

    Good luck on the day, have fun :grin:
  7. Cheers for the heads up. Lets just hope I can pass with my unco-ness :LOL:
  8. Why do they ask for particular "leather/denim jacket, boots?" etc, all RTA says is sturdy long sleeve top, pants, enclosed footwear.

    Thats exactly what i did, just a jumper, jeans, and runners, NO dramas, i even borrowed there dodgy denim long-sleeve shirt. Its not like you go anywhere or faster than 25km/h.

    You'll be fine dude.
  9. Thats because those RTA Unanderra Daelims can't actually go faster than 25km/h :LOL:
    I'm sad to say a Daelim was the first bike I ever rode :oops:
  10. I've never found out why you don't go faster than 20km @ learners, or why they told me to come back for the P's course when i asked about counter steering..

    What a nice surprise when i tried to take a corner doing 40km.
  11. I did the L's course and I still don't know how to use the back brake :(
  12. I was going to say "something revealing in case you don't ride so good"... then I noticed all the serious responses :LOL:
  13. ... go naked and wear a condom in case it rains.
  14. the only requirement is skin covered for the sun and enclosed shoes to keep your toes.
  15. shorts, singlet & thongs will be sufficient.
  16. You want to make a good impression so tie and suit, nice pair of leather shoes. :cool:
  17. Are you going to the HART center for your course?

    I did the course 3 weeks ago, first day wore hiking boots, jeans and a (fake) leather jacket.

    The boots were actually too thick/tall to fit under the gear lever properly, so next day back in normal shoes like everyone else. The insturctor actually told us to come back the second day with a long sleeve shirt rather than jumpers etc as it would be too hot otherwise, this is a fair call I think given the speed we were doing.

    Now I just sweat it out in my leathers, but on the course you can get away with it.
  18. No idea if its hart or what not. Havnt booked it in yet cause im abit strapped for cash atm so ill have to wait 1-2 weeks. I will be going to the one in Loftus (in the tafe carpark I think it is)