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Going for L's on the 17th and 18th of March > 24th n 25th

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by calv83luc, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    I've just joined this forum and thought I'd do this before I go for my L's in the up coming weeks.

    I've got a full driver's license, so the basic road rules shouldn't be too much of a hassle and also the common sense of each and every scenario on a road environment should be ok.

    I know the actual riding would be totally different, without the doors and a constant alert within and around the rider's perimeter.

    My older brother who is on his P's has a Honda Fireblade 250cc, he was planning to sell his bike and there was my opportunity... :)

    Would there be much of a difference with the bike's at the learner's course and the sports bike which my brother has?

    I've been reading another post about what to wear that day, so basically its long sleeves or a jacket, jeans and shoes with no laces? And some sun glasses...?

    Any other things or tips that should be kept in mind?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey I got my L's a year ago no problems. I got lots of advice following is what worked for me.

    Have a good night sleep and eat a good breakfast are two good tips. Listen to the instructor and if you don't understand something ask!

    Relax mate

    Yes the cbrrrrr250 will be a different bike, a lot quicker and sportier postition. Have fun!
  3. Hi Calv, welcome aboard. You will more than likely doing your Ls on a cb250, quite a bit of difference between that and a cbr250rrrrrrrrrr.

    Pretyy much what matti-san said, make sure you listen to your instructors and don't do anything that they have not asked you to do, they can get kinda touchy about that :LOL:

    Relax , have fun and enjoy the coupla days, you will get alot out of it. Can I ask where you are doing the course ?
  4. Welcome. You'll quickly find that your road awareness with multiply exponentially and precautions you couldn't even imagine before riding will become second nature.

    As to the difference between the bike you'll do the test on (possibly cb250 or xl250, maybe a shadow if you're short) - the controls will be the same so no sweat about that. Riding position and revvs you'll need to move are main differences. But you won't have had a chance to get used to it on the learner course so no sweat.

    Have fun.
  5. Sweet... Thanks everyone :)

    Re - Hopper: I'm going to do it at Harts... Honda...

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to the course... can't wait. :grin:

    I actually wanted to go for a test drive on my brother's bike, but he told me to get lost, after the course first he said... so yeah... I'm all fustrated now. I can't book the weekdays as I've got work, so... tick tock tick tock...

    Anyways, thanks for the advice... as I know, I can only ask if I'm not sure. :)

    And don't worry, I'll be bugging everyone if I have a question. :cool:
  6. I recently did my L's at Hart. They are a great bunch of people there who make you as comfortable as possible. Its a really cruisy course.

    The worst thing I found was that after you did the test they then did the road craft section of the course...I really just wanted to go with my license and find myself a bike. But listen to that part of course well, it might be boring but since i have started riding i have found it invaluable even if you have been driving for a few years.

    Good luck with it all and have lots of a fun. :grin:
  7. I can;t believe it, just when I call to book, they said the date was booked out... got to push it to the following week... omg!!!!
  8. I remember dropping my bike on my L's course lol

    the guy didn't really mind - it was an honest mistake, I was doing the turns and kinda went wide and about to hit a cone. so I hit my brakes hard and the front of the bike compressed due to the hard brake, then spung up then it just fell between my legs lol - I was still hovering over it - then I looked at my instructor nervously and he said it's o'k' don't worry hehehe

    cool guy he was.

    but boy did i learnt my lesson about braking in mid corner ......
  9. haha I can see myself doing that... but I'll keep in mind... cheers.
  10. Don't do what i did straight up either... i had done a pre-learner course no probs but for some reason the first time we got on the bikes for a bit of a warmup at the L's i rode around and couldn't get into second gear... stopped and asked the instructor and he moved the shifter around a bit and said it seemed fine however i realised i'd been trying to push down to get to 2nd gear for some unknown reason lol... glad to have a helmet that covered the flush of major embarassment, not that he knew what i was doing :D Must have thought i had a race box on there that day.
  11. hey buddy!

    I'm new two and do my L's on the 24 and 25th of March,

    Just wanted to say good luck and dont worry about being pushed back a week, here in NSW, where i live anyway, there is almost 2months wait.

    See you on the other side
  12. Not wrong i booked at the start of January and the earliest i could do was 10-11th March :evil: so in the last couple of months i've got my gear and bought a bike (thanks nsr commando) which i pick up this weekend \:D/
    now just gotta play the waiting game :beer:
    But anyway good luck to the both of you :beer:
  13. Good luck :grin:

    I rang Hart a few weeks back to book for my L's and they said they had a vacancy for the 17th / 18th March but I couldn't take it as it's my Dad's birthday that weekend... would've seen you there otherwise :)

    EDIT ~
    or not, I see you've been bumped a week... bummer :cry:
  14. Hey Fuzzy,

    It actually got pushed back to 24th and 25th as the 17th and 18th was booked out.

    You might want to hurry and book it, as there were only 5 spots left...
    I called yesterday... Tuesday 27th Feb.

    I'm just sitting here thinking... hmmm... bikes are getting very popular... yay!

    I'm going to go find some gear when I get my pay next month... haha
    Any ideas for the jacket colour? the bike is a burnt orange colour.

    White and some black stripes?

    I will try and not step down to go 2nd gear... lol... but I think I will at the start... hahaha
  15. HART i a good course. They will teach you all you need to start out on the right foot. Nerves aside, just relax, the test should be a breeze. Enjoy the 2 days.

    It's always more fun on their bikes - you don't have to worry if you drop them.

    Welcome to the fraternity.
  16. I rang yesterday morning to check if there'd been any cancellations and they said they had nothing available for any of the weekends in March! So they are going to ring me when they open the books for April... I'm going to ring again to double-double check if there's anything for the 24th/25th. Hang on, duh, I rang Kilsyth... you probably rang Tulla, right?

    Jacket colour... hmmm, I'll need more information. Eye colour, hair colour, skin tone :wink: No, seriously, don't ask me... I can't even decide what to have for breakfast half the time :roll:

    The black and white zebra look would probably work though, spesh with the burnt orange bike. You could have the whole sunrise over the African savannah thing goin' on :wink: :grin:
  17. Donno what they are like down there but i wouldnt rely on them calling you back, give them a buzz every or every second afternoon before they close or something
  18. luck

    Im doing my P's test on Monday 5th march. If i pass i would of gotten my provisional licence from NO licence at all in less than 3 months as i had held my L's a few yrs ago.

    I was basically lucky to get the cancelled spot for my P's course. I booked my P's course on the day i got my Learners licence on Monday. First they gave me spot for the 27th March, next day later (Tuesday) i called up again and ask them to check for other training centres and they told me a cancelled booking is available for the 5th - took it straight away. So hopefully i would have my P licence next week.

    So basically keep calling as people are always cancelling bookings and if your willing to drive/ride ask for other training centres.

  19. Hi Guys / Girls,

    Good luck to everyone above, just recently did mine and did just fine.
  20. Yeah Fuzz, I called Tulla... haha

    Good luck TimTam!
    Congrats Direct_to_User!

    Geez, I can't wait no more... lol
    Driving me nuts!

    Was looking at some clips on YouTube on the Ducati 1098... The exhuast sounded amazing...