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Going for license

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by wang chung, May 10, 2005.

  1. I'm deciding whether to do a 8 hour course for my motorbike license, or the 1 hour test..

    I've been riding for a month or so, done about 3000 km...

    Any advice? i dont really wanna waste 8 hours.. i could be playing computer games or something productive like that

    the below is from motorcycle motion..

    Licence Course

    Stage 7

    Setting up your bike
    Counter steering
    Emergency breaking
    Cornering technique
    Defensive theory
    Stage 8

    Road craft theory
    Braking on a corner
    U-turns and swerves
    Practice of test exercises
    Licence test
    Back To Services Index

    Test only

    This will suit those who are either expert riders or those who have already been trained and tested in the past. Test time is 1 hour duration and all gear and bikes or scooters can be supplied if required.
  2. Unfortuanatley i can't understand why one would even ask the question to begin with, but hey each to their own.
    i think that with 3000k's under your belt is good experience and all in the learning part of getting to know the road and your bike. When talking to other riders what i hear most is learn as much as you can and listen to what other riders are saying. They too aren't experts and still learn new skills everyday. The courses are designed to teach you skills from teachers , some who have had 15years experience compared to 3month or 1 year learners is something that should be noted. These courses are here to help us learn and learn more from what we have already started to build upon.

    I'm sure if computer games could save our lives on the road , hell there wouldn't be a need to have these programs to help us become better riders on the road.
    Help us to help ourselves saves ourselves.
    I know i have found myself countlessly recalling instances on the road where i have used what has already been taught to me in different situations. eg. speeds in cornering, slack out of brake, road craft, positioning.
    If you went into a learners course not knowing even how to start your bike or take a turn properley and have come out armed with the start knowledge then you should definaltey continue your growing ability to learn more.
    The way i see it, we are learners, in a car you can only learn with an instructor, on the bike your are on your own, learners sometimes take to patterns, or get stuck into routines that sometimes aren't good for them. Take the full course!!
  3. I have heard many ask the same questions. As Fingz suggested some of us learn more every time we ride. From a personal opinion the most dangerous part of riding is complacency. Im not having a go at anybody, just stating sometimes it is good to stand back and evaluate yourself.

    I can say from personal experience that the pass rate for those who complete the course is about 98%, for those that try the test only option the pass rate is about 50%. That is one difference, the other is those that have come along to a licence course have made comment of how much they have gained as a result. Not to mention that some licenced riders have attended the course.

    Is training of any value??? hmmmmmm

  4. You should know whether you're ready for the test or not. 3000km is a fair few and certainly enough to give you the confidence you need to pass the licence test. When I did my test I probably had about 6,000km under my belt and I knew I was ready without any additional training (well actually back then there was no additional training, you just booked your test with VicRoads and turned up at the appointed time and place on your bike). My pre-test preparation included working nightshift the night before, sleeping from 9am till midday, getting up, washing down a few nodoze tablets with a can of coke, then riding 20km through pissing down rain to the testing centre in Kilsyth.
  5. I hope this was meant tongue in cheek, do the course as you never stop learning plus you'll have more time to make new friends who also ride!
  6. Put it this way,........... you may have taught yourself to ride, but have you learnt the proper way?

    The license test includes a lot of good tips that may help you in a tricky situation one day. :)
  7. Go the full course mate. It's still a lot cheaper than:

    1. Repairing your crashed bike
    2. Walking with a limp for the rest of your life.

    Both of which I could have avoided if someone would have told me, as a pimply 17 year-old, how to countersteer.
  8. I've booked in for my licence and I am doing the full day regardless of how many km's I have clocked up - the more I learn, the better off I will be.

    :D :D
  9. Hmm still undecided :)

    To satisfy you safety critics, how about i do just the test, pass easily.
    Save money do an advanced rider course.
  10. That would be a much better use of your money.
  11. Not at all. I just gave an opinion in answer to a specific question. If you choose to extrapolate from that lots of other things which I never said that is your choice, but don't pretend that I said or meant them.