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Going for Learners this week

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by chiefy, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. Hey all, another noob on the forums :)

    Going for my learners at HART on Thurs/Fri and was wondering how much they prepare you for the 4 exercises?

    The slow ride is probably worrying me the most, is it as difficult as I'm making it out to be? Also the quick stop concerns me a little.

    Also, the multiple choice test is it done on a computer or paper?

  2. Don't worry. Most people have nothing to worry about when it comes to the Ls test. It's designed for people who've never ridden motorcycles before. If you know how to ride a push bike and drive a manual car you wont find anything too difficult.

    Get onto the vicroads or rta site for more info. You'll find better answers about the multiple choice test on their sites than you will find here.
  3. It's not so much a "test" as it is a "course". Sure they ask you some questions but that's just to see if you have more than 3 brain cells and can regurgitate what they told you either 500 times throughout the course or 3 minutes ago.

    Don't stress, have fun learning to ride.
  4. also going for my Ls this week, good luck!
  5. After a full day of paying attention to the instructors you'll be itching to do the test.
    Dont worry about it and the best part is the P's are easier :shock:
  6. Plenty! :grin:

    Nope, you'll get taught how to ride it slow, it's a set distance of about 10m in which you're to ride it in no less than 10 secs ... I rode it in 12secs ... you'll be fine :)

    Absolutely nothing to worry about :)
    If HART are anything like where I did my L's, they take you through in three stages: how to do a slow stop (greater distance travelled to gradual stop), medium stop (shorter distance travelled) and then "emergency stop" (quick stop, shortest possible distance travelled without skidding or doing a "stoppie" or dropping the bike)

    Paper :)

    Biggest tip I can give you? Relax, pay attention and have FUN!! :grin:
  7. It's actually 18m. Just thought I'd correct it before the OP freaks out a bit.
  8. Thanks jorge_k for the correction, couldn't remember exactly, my L's test was so long ago now ... all of seven weeks, but feels like ages! :LOL:
  9. heh it's cool I realised straight away so didn't panic.

    Thanks though :)

    And thanks to those who responded. Appreciate the info.
  10. Just enjoy yourself. My missus is pretty unco at times and she still passed :) Don't stress.
  11. Don't worry dude. The course is made for people who don't know how to ride. Alot of people forget that when they approach their learner course.

    Just enjoy the riding mate you'll be right :)
  12. given that i did mine with HART, but in NSW it should be similar.

    It is not a test, its a course, at no time do you ever have a specific 'do this and you will pass or fail'. The only way to fail is if you cant do an excercise at all.

    Its designed for people with _zero_ riding experience. If you have an ounce of coordination and pay attention, you will be fine.

    Have fun :grin:
  13. The slow-ride isn't so bad. :) During the L's course you're only expected to slowride at about walking pace (6kph or slower).

    Most people don't enjoy slow-riding because the motorcycle isn't quite as dynamically stable at slow speeds. (ie: the rider has to help the bike keep itself upright by deliberately making steering inputs)

    It's an invaluable skill to develop, particularly for parking the bike and maneuvering in/through/around traffic jams. :)
  14. I found slow ride a little hard when I did it, though the only reason I didn't like it was becuase it was a hot day.

    What I had the most trouble with was the figure of 8, thats because I kept looking down.
  15. The slow ride sucked for me ..
  16. i did an intro course before i did my learners, and there was only me and my mate on the course, so we got plently of time to ride and practise.

    by the time we got to the learners day there was only the 2 of us again, and we did the learners test after a few more hours of riding, wich gave us time to try some other bikes they had and have a go at the P test procedures.

    was reallly good, only thing was we didnt cover alot of road riding techniques, mainly just bike control and things like that.

    ive read up alot of things on the web about general road techniques and what not, so im not too worreid :p

    after that day i left feeling like i could of passed the P's test straight away if i was allowed to do it.

  17. Got it. Cheers all for the info.
  18. I just did day one of my L's course today. Ive never ridden a bike before, so it was a learning experience.
    The thing i found most difficult, was changing through gears. Eg. 1st-2nd or 2nd-1st, I would accidently go from 1st-2nd then into 3rd without realising, or go into neutral. :oops: :oops:
    Im just worried about my turning, I seem to sit too upright and stiff, leading my wrist to be sore and I keep forgetting to look into the corner/where I want to exit. :(
    Hoping to improve tommorow, but damn the weather here in Sydney is too freakin HOT! :evil:
  19. How'd you go? :D

    I have mine on the 21st of Feb I think. SO FAR AWAY... and I'll be getting my bike before that. It will suck not being able to ride it :(
  20. YAY! I passed :D, once again weather was too freakin hot everyone was sweating like crazy. Anyways I managed to improve my turns alot better and I was a lot more relaxed in my riding position.
    I still had a few troubles taking off, cause i'd let the clutch out too quick but everything else went well.

    Dont worry mate, I booked mine in early November so I had to wait 2.5 months, time will fly and it will be your test soon!