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Going for Learners... Please rate my two bike choices

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Zugfrig78, May 20, 2008.

  1. Hi i have finally decided to go for my learners and at the moment i have two bikes i am looling at. unfortunatly i can only spend about $2000 in my first bike which makes it hard but i keep seeing or going back to the '85 Kawasaki z250 (ltd250) and the '89 Suzuki gn250. I am seeing a few of them on all the major net sales sites and are well within the price range but is it because people want to get rid of them or because they were popular. Can anyone advise there thoughts on the two and offer any othe sugestions remembering my price limit and learner restrictions. Also good or bad points about the two and models to steer clear of when looking around.

    thanks ash

  2. It's because neither will realistically do much more than 100kph.
    Both are still excellent choices for a bike to learn to ride, and learn how to work on - just not ideal for reliable daily highway commuting.
    If that's what you're after though then other bikes to look at would be early model Honda CB250 or VT250F, the twin-cylinder Suzuki GS/GSX250, or a Yamaha SR or SRX250.
  3. Spada :evil:
  4. 2g = 1988 import spada or mid 90s gpx in similar asthetic condition.

    Although I'll admit that SPAAAAADDAAA is the better bike
  5. Spada or GPX would likely be better. The brakes in particular on some of those older bikes frankly scare the shit out of me... Last GN250 I rode stopped like a ladies' pushbike. But then I guess if properly serviced they might be half decent.
  6. The advantage with something like a GN250 though is it's far less likely to have been thrashed by some wannabe racer, and shouldn't be any worse for braking/handling than most of the 250 cruisers.
    You can't expect greatness from a 1980's bike, even a sports model from that era is crap by modern standards.
  7. That would only be an advantage for retards who don't inspect the bike properly. Neglect is the killer anyway, not spirited riding.
  8. True to a point, but newbie attempts at stoppies, wheelies, clutchless shifting etc. aren't exactly kind to a bike either. You can get something like a GN that's still in good condition for under 2k simply because most people don't want one. Most GPXs/Spadas etc. are only that cheap because they're rooted.
  9. Forget what make and model it is, just try to find anything in your budget that is not completely rooted and destroyed.
  10. Either (in good condition) would make a good learner bike.

    I'd rather have a 2 grand LTD or GN than a 2 grand GPX or Spada as you should get a better one for the price.

    They're cheap because they're old and uncool (in the eyes of some), not because they're bad. And early 80s brakes and twin shock handling will teach you more about riding than you could ever learn on a plastic fantastic :LOL: . Old fart procedes to don flameproof suit.
  11. :roll: Why not deflate your tyres to 10PSI, drain your fork oil and lube your brakes as well - that'll teach you about riding!
  12. Or you could just buy a Spada for the same experience!

    GPX :p
  13. Very true. I had a the exact same model/year 250 LTD you describe. Drum brakes front/rear. BELT driven (no chain). Breaking wasn't too bad (it was all i was used too) but you can't really do an "Emergency" stop on them, the GS500 brakes are like night and day compared.

    Think i got the bike to 110 hunched down, the 5th gear on mine seemed weak, wouldn't rev past 6-7k (redline was like 9).

    Ended up selling it after a 2km/h drop in a carpark, practising u-turns of all things (cause: not enough revs, extremely tired.) and after fixed it just never rode the same.

    Got a GS500 couldn't be happer.

    If i were to recommend RELIABLE learner bikes they would be

    Honda VTR250

    Don't get a boyracer CBR250ARARAR that has who knows how many unclocked KM's on it that has lived a thrashed life.
  14. that's cause you ride like a Lady on a pushbike !

  15. Maybe with your colossal lardass on it :LOL:
    Spada =; :LOL: Nah, GPX is a fine choice too.
  16. Yeah, but can you get any of those in reasonable nick for 2k? My experience might be skewed due to my exposure to the Perth Premium, but even so, it seems doubtful.

    Whereas there always seem to be quite a few 80s air-cooleds around for very attractive prices.
  17. Couple of other options in this list from Bikesales of Victorian 250s (and under) for less than $2,500.

    The Across is a very good bike and for mine the pick of this bunch. Or you could also go the brand spanking new Sachs KN150. Probably as powerful and with better handling and brakes than the two you named, and much less chance of mechanical issues. And a warranty!

    (obligatory note - you have budgeted for gear, right? At the very least helmet, gloves, jacket and boots)
  18. so why are you buying a bike again?

    $2000 will give you a bike which will need plenty of TLC / repair work, adding on-goinging costs. With rego / insurance / gear / petrol / service costs i think your better off waiting a little longer and spending your money on something with a lower on-going cost. Also those older bikes are a pain in the neck to source parts for when things go wrong. I cant think of anything worse than digging yourself into a hole!

    either wait and save or go and grab yourself a putt putt scooter. just dont go and grab yourself an ancient bike because your short of money.