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Going for L next week, where should I buy and bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by hugbear, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Am going for ls next week and due to job requirements need transport. I only have around 4k to spend on a 2nd hand bike. I have no idea about bikes, am the only one in the family that has ever thought of a bike. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I live in melbourne and will be doing around 40k per day. I weigh 125kg, was thinking of scooter but too heavy. I have no idea what I am doing and dont want to be conned. Thanks John

  2. 4k should be enough for something decent but don't forget you'll still be needing at least $500-1000 for riding gear. Best off sticking to the more popular models as this'll give you more bikes to choose from (and a greater chance of getting something good for a decent price). Of course you're not going to know what bike's right for you without trying it to see if it's the right size but have a look at things like the Kawasaki GPX, Suzuki Across, Suzuki Bandit, Honda Spada/VTR etc. if you after a decent sportsbike or naked.
  3. At your size I'd be looking at an er5 or gs500 (www.bikesales.com, www.bikepoint.com, tradingpost.com, etc, etc.) Or check out some bike dealers. If they don't take your fancy and you dont mind sacrifising comfort for having something newer and less power, have a look at a gpx250, vtr250 ish bikes.
  4. I have seen a bike for private sale that I really like. Can you get like a racv test on bikes like you do cars, thanks
  5. If you're in Victoria and restricted to the 250cc, I can recommend the GPX250.

    Mine is an '07 so beyond your budget, but the things haven't changed much at all so an earlier model is basically the same thing (apart from a bit of wear and tear).

    Plus it hauls my big butt up and down the freeway at 110KM/H so you won't have any problems if your commute has highway time.

    My reccmmendation, for what it's worth!
  6. My bike is for sale, but if you're also a tall guy, it might be too small. You're welcome to come and sit on it if you like... or go to a shop a sit on one. They all feel pretty much the same as far as sitting on them goes.

    Mine's got some scratches, but the rest is in very good nick and it's about to have a major service done, so you won't have to worry about that for a long time.

    Check my sig.
  7. I'm a big bastard and I know I wouldnt fit on any 250 with a sporty flavour so I'd suggest a naked type or as suggested GPX.
    Rule out the CBR type straight off.
    It's a shame we dont have LAMS yet.

    Good luck.
  8. Yep, in fact fairly sure the RACV will test bikes. Failing that most motorcycle repair/sales places would probably be willing/capable of doing an inspection.
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  10. for around 3K-4k I would be looking at either a
    Yamaha FZR250 (great fun and value for money, embarrass some $6000 cbr's with this one)
    ZZR250 (Nice and comfy and only few less HP then cbr/fzr)

    Both are great bikes
  11. Bikes for sale

    Strangely enough on this forum.