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Going for Bike P's tommorrow... Any tips?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Grunge, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. What the topic says....

    I'm going to do with MTA in Doveton...
    Any tips from anyone?
    is there a written component as well?
    Just wondering.

  2. Enjoy.

    No written I don't think.

    Only thing that is tricky is the U-Turn. But depends on your bike.

    It's a fun day and you will pass if you can ride ok.
  3. How many hours have you clocked up?

    All I can say is just stay calm, cool and collected. It will be much easier that way. Oh and which state is that in?
  4. I did mine on saturday at Rider Bors in Calder.

    The test is really straight forward and has only two parts:

    Part 1) You ride through a curve that is marked on the ground at the fastest safe speed that you can handle with out crossing the lines. You do this left and right.

    Part 2) You ride at 20 Km/h towards some indicator lights, if the light goes left then you swerve left, right then you swerve right and if the red stop light comes on ... well I'll let you guess this one :)

    That is it. Takes 7 minutes to do the test, the rest of the time you are just riding around practising and getting used to the bike, just relax and have some fun :grin: :grin:
  5. Grunge I assume you are doing this in Vic? If it is the same as when I did it then basically it is fairly straight forward. If it is still the swerve and emergency stop stuff then the only thing I would recommend is not to pre-empt the stop because if you get the swerve light instead then you may just touch the brakes - bad idea on a swerve?

    Don't know if it is still the same - but if it is then it is fairly straight forward. Just don't panic and freeze up or tense up.
  6. Oh - and obviously once you have done two of the light tests - you knwo what the thrid will be - but don't preempt the light!!!
  7. Always lots of headchecks, everytime you stop and turn.
  8. HOLY CRAP!! the test in NSW is way harder.

    You lucky bastards.
  9. Grunge did u past your p's today?
    cause i done mine today at granville/clyde and the instructor i had made the day so easy for us , and all 6 of us who went for the test passed

    was good fun
  10. Try to relax...

    It's natural to be nervous in any test.

    I guarantee you won't be the only one suffering with the stress bug!

    Getting hold of your nerves is prolly the best thing you can do in any test situation IMO.
  11. good luck!!! :grin:
  12. really dont try and guess what the lights are going to do.. did mine through HART a couple weeks ago.. out of the 11 of us.. 3 failed because they tried to guess what the lights were going to do and lost too many points.. so watch the lights, relax, and enjoy it

    are you doing a full day course or just the test? i did the day course with HART and it was a day well worth spending under instruction. they went through alot more than just what to do to pass the test..
  13. relax, get a good nights sleep & ride the course like you're riding to work!
  14. Yeah, I'm doing the day course rather than just the test...
    I'm sure I'll be fine. :]
  15. I know this is not what your test would be but I thought I would let you know what we do in SA.

    I haven't done it yet, but we were told today, (just passed my L's)

    A figure 8 in a small rectangle, well close to it.

    15m along in a 40cm gap without crossing line.

    Quick stop from 30km/h to 0 in 11m

    Snake through an S bend ( well close to it)

    Hmm, there was another one as well but I can't remember what it was.

    Sounds a bit harder than what you need to do I think. Here they really emphasise throttle and clutch control. Anyway, hope your test went well.
  16. Like the other replies. Relax.
    And just look where u wanna go.
    Good luck
  17. go to bed and get some sleep!
  18. Good Luck Grunge!
    Let us know how ya go.
    I should be due for mine soon.
  19. Yeah .. good luck Grunge.. I will be doing mine soon as well.. You should be fine..
  20. howd ya go? im also going for mine soon