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going down the M7 Westlink today, have no E-Tag

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by knifepoint, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. I need to get to Liverpool today, or BonnyRigg Heights to be exact, I'm coming from Moore Park.

    It seems that using the M7 it cuts my journey time in half, but I don't have an E-Tag, are there any ways I can get on this road and not have to buy an E-Tag? would sliding a P plate over anything help my cause or should I just spend an hour going the alternative route?

    I don't really wanna buy an E-Tag because I will use this road maybe once a year and because it will get wet and ruined carrying it in my pocket.
  2. Yeah, call 13ROAM and you buy an ePass which lets you ride/drive through without an eTag
  3. ahh cool, just found their website, gonna sign up for a 48 hour visitors pass probably,

    thanks :)
  4. What's an 'E-Tag'? :? :?
  5. Its like auto toll thing, instead of stoppng and paying you just go through the tag scanner lane and you get charged for the toll. Some roads only have e-tags and no normal tolls.
  6. Thanks for that Banana, that explains a lot.

    So, it's for 'toll roads'. We don't have them in South Oz . . . . . yet.

    Please no one mention this to 'Media Mike', or we'll have toll roads everywhere first thing tomorrow. :shock:
  7. You don't have them yet because you don't have any roads worthy of them yet. All you have is a two-lane, one-way freeway that alternates direction twice a day! :LOL: I can't wait to get back there and away from this f%^&ed out state.
  8. Don't forget the hills, we got the Adelaide Hills too!! :grin: :grin:

    Besides, I live north of the city, Main North Road got 3 lanes now! :grin: