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Going Down On Me

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by RobE, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. As a grown-up who is reasonably good with his hands I am embarrassed to raise this matter but I would appreciate some views on why my front tyre keeps losing pressure.

    Around 10 PSI in 10 days.

    The bike is a 2000 Hornet 600. The speedo claims only 35,500.

    The tyre is tubeless and appears to be in good shape. The rim seems to be undamaged.

    The valve is in snugly; there are no bubbles when I put a bit of spit on it.

    It should be simple, but I cannot find the prob.
  2. Try spraying soapy water out of a plastic spray bottle, if that fails, remove the wheel as soak it in a large tub of water.

    PS: If using soapy water, make sure you rinse off ALL traces of soap before you ride. :p
  3. haha, the name of this thread and that first bit, i was sure this was going to be un-motorbike related. :LOL:
  4. jokes, nohomo

    hahah i though that to..

    Unreasonably good with his hands. :wink:

    jokes, nohomo
  5. Try a new valve. Won't cost much.
  6. Rubber is pourous but 1psi a day seems a bit much.

    Are you sure?? Did you measure first time on a hot day and 2nd time on a cold day??

    Failing that and any obvious damange, you might have a pinhole leak somewhere - the water and soapy water suggestions are sound.
  7. Chances are it could be leaking through the valve core, valve stem or around the bead of the tyre. Judging by the slow loss of pressure it will be hardish to spot. But to find the leak it is necessary to put the whole wheel in a tub of water, and look for bubbles coming out.
  8. my mrs' car had a small bend in the beading section of the rim and would hold air when it sat in the drive or tested in water....

    but as soon as it cornered it would leak, extra bad if i were the pilot :oops:
    it would loose about 5 - 10 psi a week dependent on driving conditions
  9. Do you have a metal valve cap or a plastic one. If plastic, put metal ones on. The rotation of your wheel produces centrifugal force, which can, and does cause a valve core to depress, letting out your precious air.
  10. That's the oddest thing I have ever heard, to be honest. Given the low weight of a schrader valve there's no way the centrifugal force will overcome the spring plus the pressure inside the tyre.
    Mate you have a small leak somewhere, and as you probably won't be able to plug it yourself anyhow, you might as well take it to a tyre shop, where they will find the leak and (if possible) plug it for you for around $ 50. But make sure you accept only the mushroom-type plugs, from the inside.
  11. It's only odd because MV meant to say "and can cause a plastic valve cap to depress".

    That was the reason road racing supplementary regs always stated that valve caps must be metal.


    Trevor G
  12. to my curiousity, would it be ok to use a steel, metal cap for general day use? will that minimize the leakage of the tire?
  13. If it's of great concern mate, don't muck around, just spend the coin and take it to the shop. :)
  14. If the valve is leaking you fix the valve. Putting a seal over a leaking valve is not the way. You realise that a valve screws in and out in a second or two?


    Trevor G
  15. hehe i dont like spending when not needed :p
  16. Maaate!

    I said YOU fix the valve.

    I didn't say pay someone else to fix it.

    If you are nice about it, a good tyre joint might even give you one of the older metal type valve caps which have a valve removing tool built into the cap...
  17. ah ok sorry mis understood it.

    i'll give that a go :) thx
  18. I won't even put a plastic cap on a kids scooter.
  19. Yes I am immature.
  20. :grin: I like blowjobs!