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Going back to standard gearing

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Loz, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. I just had a bunch of stuff done on the bike by Pete at Boss Cycles:

    - New tyres
    - Replace shims, check clearances
    - New camchain
    - Brake pads and fluids
    - New chain and sprockets

    The bike now feels much rejuvenated, the engine feels strong and smooth and I love the feeling of a new chain.

    I forgot to mention to Pete when I dropped the bike off that I've been running a tooth down on the front sprocket, so he put the standard ones on. No problem, I thought, I'll see how it feels.

    Well... I don't much like it.

    The bike has gone from a yelling, screaming, wheelying hooligan machine to a sensible, sedate mile muncher in a snap. I'm used to doing 4800rpm on the freeway and seeing 120 on the clock but knowing I'm legal, but now I'm doing 3900rpm and seeing 105. It just feels so much slower. I'm tapping my fingers and toes in frustration.

    Getting around town I used to be able to chug around in 4th or drop into 3rd to get a party going at the back wheel if I needed it... Now 4th is way too high, and 3rd wallows down if I open the throttle at 60. More importantly, the bike just feels a bit.... boring. Maybe it's because I've been riding the CD250U around, which is eye-popping fun at any speed.

    I'll wait this out another week or so, just to get used to it, and if I still don't like it I'll whip a smaller sprocket on the front and be done with it.

    Just thought I'd mention this 'cause the feel of the bike is dramatically different and anyone else whose lower gears feel a bit too tall might benefit from changing the gearing too.
  2. if you go one tooth down on the front, one up on the rear you should be able to keep the same chain length (although, i'm not sure that this matters). also, i'd imagine it should give you super-mega wheelie power.

  3. Loz -

    Years ago myself and my brother both ran '96 Ducati 900SS's. Both had exhaust crossover mod, stage 2 Dynojet kits, Yoshi cans. Mine also had Wiseco hi-comp pistons, ran Avgas (out of necessity) and had 1 tooth down on the countershaft sprocket.

    In short, not a huge difference from bike to bike.

    My bro's was a "standard" feeling, loping, long-legged Duke. Mine was a slightly mental, wheelie prone lunatic machine. The difference, in a nutshell, was that I could have more fun at lower speeds. Wheelies off crests. Wheelies off the throttle. Wheelies everywhere!

    Was never tempted to switch back to standard. Lower gearing also made the commute a doddle.

    You're not imagining things. Get yourself a 1 tooth down c/shaft sprocket and wheelie off into the sunset again...

  4. Does a Thumper count???

    My KLR650 had one tooth higher - 16. Sat on 130kmh on freeway doing 5,000rpm which is on peak torque.

    But didn't really need that speed, so went back to standard and now do 120kmh at 5,000 on 15 tooth - with a more usable spread and of course that bit better acceleration - or as much as I can squeeze out of a thumper :p

    I would like to try a 14. As it is, I've got 100+km's to most of the dirt tracks, but should try the 14 and see how it goes on the dirt and road.
  5. I don't think I've ever run a bike regardless of capacity at less than 5000rpm while just cruising and it's never been a problem. Just ride one gear lower than you're used to in all situations.

    In town I never seem to get out of second. On the Fwy at 110kph I can choose between 6& a bit in 4th or a bit less than 5 in 5th (can't say I look too closely) depending on traffic and all is good. I don't bother with 6th cause it lugs a bit at any less than 120-130 and doesn't do much at all unless I'm traveling much closer to the 200 mark. Unless i think I might need to get the funk out, I generally cruise at 5 so it's a bit hard to see why you're worried. :)