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Going back for a ride (SA)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by EpOcH, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Hi All,

    Fairly new to NetRider, been lurking for a couple of days so i guess its time to say g'day !

    I'm a contract IT worker, based in Adelaide, near Port Adelaide and just over the 40 years of young and haven't ridden a bike for about 20 years, yes I've been one of them caged up folk for far too long and the prospect of jumping back on the saddle after all these years is a little daunting.

    Having a look around for info regarding bikes which suit my body size and poorly back so it seems this forum has a lot of info so i'm slowly trying to make my way through as much info as possible.

    I'm looking at something a bit upright and am thinking something along the lines of a v-strom or similar as they seem to have reasonable reviews and are around-a-bout my price range.

    Once i get up and riding again , will come out on group rides as I've always like the freedom a bike affords.

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  2. gday EpOcHEpOcH and welcome to NR - it's great to have you old dudes returning to riding - take it easy out there

    try this site for some ergos - Motorcycle Ergonomics

    btw - I am older than you :p
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  3. Welcome to the forum. I see the members are getting younger and younger these days....

    Enjoy the search for the next bike.
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  4. Welcome aboard :)
    Good luck with the search for a bike :)
  5. G'day and welcome, EpOcHEpOcH. Hard to go wrong choosing a V-Strom. We'll look forward to seeing your motorcycle when you've bought it and maybe some photos of your rides in or around Adelaide too.
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  6. Welcome mate :cool:

    VStroms are great bikes, the 650 is very popular and a good machine, the newer 1000 is very nice too and an improvement over the older model.
  7. cheers chilliman64chilliman64 for the ergo link, i looked at quite a few different types and settled on a couple of possible variants.
    Sorry for the long reply and also thanks to all for the welcome, I've jumped back here a few times but I've had my face glued to all the appropriate places to try and pick up a nice bike.

    A good VStrom at a gooood price appeared, so i jumped and pulled the trigger.

    2012 DL650A with only 3233km's , owned by an older gentleman hardly ridden and lovingly stored away in a shed. Will pick it up tomorrow during the day when the sun is out and i have a bit of time to putter around back streets before jumping out on the main roads to come home which is only about a 30 minute ride, looking forward to it to say the least.

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  8. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. I am doing Mentoring for new riders and I will if you are interested can join in on a ride.
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  9. Yeah, to save weight, they have done away with the side stand:
    Congrats on the new purchase EpOcHEpOcH.
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  10. extends the life of your shocks when parking them like this also
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  11. Ohh a much more thoughtful arrangement that also prevents sun damage to the seat and assists in keeping the seat dry in wetter times.
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  12. EricEric , thanks for the offer and I will see how I go, I may take you up on it, I'll need a bit more time to find some good ppe for my body so riding will be limited until it is all in order.
  13. nice. you will have trouble get the smile off yr face
  14. Hi EpOcHEpOcH and welcome. That's a tidy looking Strom. Well done.
  15. Heya EpOcHEpOcH and welcome!

    What a cool find! That's awesome. You'll love the forum and do take up EricEric's offer ... Even just to ride In a group... :) there's quite a few SA peeps NR growing too. ST59ST59 JuniperSachsJuniperSachs and gizzogizzo also about too :)
    Enjoy your new wheels!!
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  16. Hi EpOcHEpOcH
    I agree with ValvolineValvoline on all counts. The SA chaps are legends. :)
    Ride safe, have fun!
  17. Woo! nice bike! Welcome and congrats. seeya out there sometime.