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Going away til November

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. Hey people

    Just letting y'all know that the Suade lads and I are heading off tonight for a few weeks touring Taiwan and Korea. We'll be doing a fairly key international competition in Taipei, plus a whole bunch of shows, TV and radio stuff. One of the TV gigs wants us to sing a song in Korean, they've just told us, so that'll be interesting.

    We'll try to update the Facebook page and the twitter jigger as we go, so if you want to check out what sort of shenanigans we're getting into there's links over at the band's website at www.suade.net.

    This has been a crazy year for us - we've been working out butts off at this singing stuff and it's the main reason I haven't been getting out on many rides or coffee nights or running the ol' spanner nights and things lately. I'm not sure if it's all going to slow down once this tour's over or if it'll keep on snowballing, but I'm looking forward to coming back to the beautiful Melbourne summer (it's 35 and thunderstorms every day over there right now) and having a bit more time to fix the ol' Minja up and get back to a bit more biking.

    So wish us luck and I'll see yez all soon.
  2. Good stuff man ! They'll love you over there, I think Human Nature is still top of the pops in Taiwan ! :)

    Don't be surprised when you arrive at Incheon airport Korea. They are taking Swine Flu very very serious, you will all be issued with facemasks on arrival and a anal probing !
  3. have a top trip mate, hopefully all that hard works pays off
  4. Have fun now and good luck. See ya when ya get back.
  5. Well there's something for Ian to look forward to!
  6. Oh, have fun and good luck.
    If you get a chance, rent a scooter or something (like $6 a day) and thrash it through the mountains.
  7. Good luck!
  8. Fantastic. (The fact that things are going to plan not the fact you will be gone)
    So when you are Rich and (More) famous are you going to upgrade to a bike that isn’t falling apart?
  9. Are you sure they'll let you into Korea after all your disparaging comemnts about Hyosungs. :LOL:
  10. Oh. My. God. Now I know why they invited us....

  11. :rofl: Nice pic Loz!!!

    If you go thrashing a scooter about, pics pics pics! I wanna see it lowsided into some embankment all twisted up on a muddy road in some monsoonal weather with a cheesy grin on your face wearing nothing but stubbies and a shirt...
  12. Knock em out fellers! Break a leg while you're at it. :)
  13. I wouldn't mind betting I'll find a scooter over there somewhere, I quite like motor bikes.
  14. Sounds like a good Korea move.

    Pick me up some Crown Pies while you're there.
  15. Have a great trip, mate, Korea is a fabulous place, they just have an aversion to learning English :LOL:.
  16. Yay Lozza. Go hard or go home.
  17. Good Luck Loz !!!
    Don't forget the camcorder .. we expect some to see some vids on YT
  18. Rock star??? Loz???? Touring??? :rofl::biker:
  19. Don't forget to check out the Korean love hotels; very interesting places to stay. Lots of mirrors and free errrr... stuff. And spend as little time in Seoul as possible. Try to see the Hwanseon cave near Samcheok on the East coast, South of Gangneung; it's amazing. The penis park is also near Samcheok and is well worth a look.
  20. Not a rock star - although he'll be a Seoul Singer. :LOL: