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Going Ape !!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by kingy, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Hey guys

    just got myself a set of 12" apes...

    i just want to know is it a big job to replace the old bars with the new ??

    it looks like i will need all new cables and brake hose anyone in sydney know of somewhere that i can get them from ????
    and the electrics side of things how hard is that to do ??? i hate electrics and i dont trust something i cant see lol...
    the douche before me used TARZAN glue it looks like to hold the grips onto the bars so how can i get those off ???
    are inverted mirrors ok ????
    where can i buy risers from in sydney or internet i am looking at 2-3" high by 1"..

    are cables and brake hose hard to replace ???
    how long should it take me to do the complete job from start to finish if i had all the equipment ?? ridding is my daily commute so i cant really have the bike off the road all that long..

    cheers guys
  2. Call bike shops on cables and hoses.

    You'll have to cut off the existing grips.

    Google the risers or call a dealership for your brand of bike.
  3. The cheapest part is the handlebars. Yes it can be a big job, depends on the old bars.
  4. yeh i bought the bars only cost me $60 bucks.. i am trying it hard to find a set of decent risers i am after 3" high with a 1" dia.. and not pull back.. most of them are for harleys only.
  5. What bike are they going on?
  6. 07 honda shadow vt750 aero
  7. Cables are the main part of swapping bars. Your current ones aren't going to be long enough. (well, unless they are freakishly long now, which is unlikely)

    Throttle side grips are normally glued on, that just goes witht the territory.

    How come you want risers as well as apes?
  8. because my stock bars dont have risers atm.. my stock bars bolt straight onto the trees..

    cables i know for a fact need replacing lol
    here is the difference from stock to ape

  9. Five bloody characters.
  10. you sir are god cheers mate