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Going 4 a short ride anyone is welcome

Discussion in 'VIC' started by archy, Feb 24, 2005.


    ·Meeting point at McDonalds Fountain Gate Shopping Centre at 6:00 AM or join up on the Monash at certain on ramps at a specified time

    ·Leaving Macas at 6:00 am sharp going down the Monash fwy to the City then on to the West Gate fwy to Princes fwy to Geelong then to Aireys Inlet for a PETROL STOP

    ·Leaving Aireys Inlet to make our way to Peterborough for another PETROL STOP

    ·Leaving Peterborouhg to make our way to Warrnambool then through to Port Fairy Road ( C178 ) which is a right hand turn we stay on this road until we reach Glenelg Highway ( B160 ) then a right on to it which will take us into Dunkeld where we turn left onto Victoria Valley Road then a right onto Grampians Road ( C216 ) and take that all the way to Halls Gap for a PETROL STOP

    ·Leaving Halls Gap we make our way to Ararat then to Avoca then to Maryborough then Carisbrook then to Newstead then to Castlemaine for a PETROL STOP

    ·Leaving Castlemaine then to Chewton then to Taradale then to Malmsbury then to Kyneton then to Woodend then to Lancefield then to Kilmore then to Wandong then to Whittlesea then to Kinglake to the Melba hwy to Yarra Glen PETROL STOP

    ·Leaving Yarra Glen then to the quickest way you know HOME

  2. Lol...was going ok until i saw "6am" and "Aireys Inlet", if i can i will. :wink:
  3. Woah, is it just me but does that sound like 3 days of riding to anyone else? Maybe im just soft (or my seat is hard) but i'd admire anyone who does that for a weekend blast.

    Have you done it before?
    How long does it usually take?
  4. Nope. Sounds like a damn fine day to spend riding on some really good roads. You only just getting started if all you do for teh day is less than ~150km :) Your just soft. See, it goes like this....

    Cafe Racer -> Soft Lunch Rider -> Real daytripper rider -> Multi-day tours rider -> Ironbutt

    :LOL: :LOL:
  5. koma said Have you done it before?
    How long does it usually take?

    No haven't done a ride this size b4

    time wise no idea just out to have fun :)
  6. Well good to hear your pushing the boundaries of the usual 'hills run' day out. I think i'll sit this one out but im certainly interested to hear how it goes if it goes ahead. Will be sure to check back later.
  7. Short ride!!!!!! :shock: :shock:

  8. Very Short Ride compare to a round trip around Australia! :p
  9. lol...Archy, give us some info about yourself. ie: age, bike, experience, weight and height. i have been thinking about a ride like that but not really into breaking the guiness book of records for longest day/night ride but if you're game I may try but will more than likely stay in Halls Gap for the night and do the rest the next day.
  10. i dont think you'll have time to stop :D
  11. Well,my old man lives up in Horsham,if you go straight up the Western it takes 3 hours odd.So if you're going do this enormous detour to get to the Grampians,and then another enormous detour back,i cant see it taking less than 10 hours before you're home again! :shock: Hope you have a great ride people 8) You're going to have the sorest arse by the time you get back though! :LOL: :D 8)
  12. Bollocks, if you don't spend your breaks hanging around yakking crap, you'll have plenty of time.

    More time on the bikes = less time wasted :)
  13. sounds fine to me at this stage put my name down
  14. Yeah,its only an 800km + round trip! :shock: Hope you ride fast! :LOL: 8)
  15. 800km easy trip, my thredbo trips are just over 1000km a day. The problem i've seen with most riders in this state they ride 50km then need an hours rest bout time a decent ride came up
  16. LOL! A trip to Lavers Hill and back is enough for me,its hard enough avoiding the cops at that, much less adding another couple hundred ks of Copville! :LOL: :LOL: Hope ya all got some extra padded seats :p
  17. padded seat LMFAO i got a couch on my bike, garantee 5000km pain free :)
  18. Now its my turn to ROFLMFAO!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. well compared to the modern era bikes yeah i'll stick with couch :)