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Goin for a ride in the SE of melb....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DANNIBOI, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. ey all, Found my first bike, buyin it in bout 3 Weeks, but im way to exited. its a Hysong Comet "Yellow", gonna get it from A1 in ringwood (went for the naked coz i eventually want a crusier). :cool:
    one of the reasons i loved it so much was the size, its a bigger frame that most 250 nakeds.

    Heard the guys there really look after you post sale, and dont worry ill b tellin u if they dont. :wink:

    Just want to know some good rides to go on in the area to hoan my newbie skills haha, ill probly gonna go to the Bayswater factories first for an hour to get a bit confident first.

    And are people interested in goin for a few group rides in the area.......

    Newbie Convoy any1? LMAO :LOL:
  2. When you get your bike come on the [L] Platers night out, every tuesday night. Should be good fun, im going on my first one tonight. :D

    The guys in A1 seem alright, i was in there looking for a bike, then a year later i went back in and he remembered me.... and i didnt even buy anything! :shock:
  3. yer sweet as man let me kno how it goes, ill definetly b up for that!
  4. Good luck! My 2c - take it slowly getting into challenging roads, lift the bar incrementally rather than rushing out into the Yarra Valley to crash on your first big ride. Better to be known as a slow rider than remembered as a fast one! :) I reckon the road between Kangaroo Ground and Yarra Glen is pretty good as a step up, though there's one tricky corner just before Yarra Glen (I took some learners through there, stopped everybody before the corner and pointed it out, and one guy still crossed the centre lines). If I were coaching a new rider I'd recommend that when they felt ready to get out there, that they go up and down that road, and for variety up the Melba between Yarra Glen and the King Lake turn off and back; Yarra Glen and Healesville rd and back. Leave the other roads till you've done these a few times. Finally, when going round a corner, don't ride any faster than you can see and stop!
  5. hey mate, good to hear you're getting a bike :grin:
    as said, check out the Learner ride Tues nights, also come along to coffee on Tues night, posted up in the vic events. few of us catch up all the time :)

    what suburb r u in? give us a yell if u wanna go for a ride, im always up for one :grin:
  6. Live in Croydon man but i went to school at Gully High (great school haha) so i kno my way round your area.

    ill hit u up when i get the bike, cheers man :grin:
  7. depends how experienced you are.

    ringwood-warrandyte-templestowe is a gentle ride for new riders.

    if you are a bit more confident cross the river at warrandyte and head up to kangaroo ground-st andrews and back to hurstbridge, wattleglen then back to kangaroo ground and home. (don't go to kinglake)

    after that warrandyte-christmas hills to the old healesville rd out of yarra glen. (then chum creek if you are confident or home down the maroondah highway)
  8. Congrats mate.

    If you're picking it up on a Saturday and want someone to tag along and give you a hand/tips on getting used to the bike shoot me a PM and i'll come keep you company for a couple hours.
  9. cheers man thatll be sweet, ill PM u wen the time comes and u can tell me how unco i am lol :LOL:
  10. hey mate i just live in chirnside park and need another rookie to ride with so give a yell if ya wana go for a burn.
    ive had good experience at A1 in the accessories and 'main' shop, as for their mech bit i wasnt so keen, felt like the bloke was gona screw me for every last dollar, i go to the morotbike shop in lilydale just behind the school, dont no the name, but great service.
  11. yer sweet mate, got ur PM, ill let u kno wen i get it and well go for a ride.

    that place in lilydale, is that near the factories i think i went there but i couldnt find it, i was drivin round the factory car park like a Dick for like 15 mins? lol :roll:
  12. nah bud, next to the pool hall.
  13. the guys at a1 are great, i bought my helmet there along with some other little things. Also got my new rear tyre at their tyre centre. always get the friendliest service and end up having a nice chat about whatever

    100% recommend that place :)