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Godskitchen 2009 (melb)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nibor, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. who's going? :grin:

    f*cking peeved though, jsut went online as i remembered tickets went on sale today, and 1st release allocation is already sold out. how many do they allocate, 8 tickets?? :evil:

    i want one, if anyone has one spare like they bought a bunch for mates or something. i find it ridiculous i should have to pay for 2nd release, which is released on the same bloody day, at $30 extra...

    they should just sell all tickets at once, one price for the same type of ticket/seating. arrgghh :mad:
  2. i will be going for sure. cant miss my 5th year!!
  3. is this like MasterChef ??? :LOL:
  4. Given your background Paul - the name sounds perfect for you. :LOL:

    Unfortunately I'm not sure the music would be. :p
  5. i know a few people with industry tickets but i dont think they are much cheaper
  6. industry is $90, i've got contacts for them, but all i want is 1st release GA for $65 or whatever it was :(