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Godfather "manny" is down [Reefton]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ratbag, Aug 28, 2005.

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  1. Manny came off today in Reefton, he ended up crossing the other lane and into an embankment heavily.
    ( he has no recollection of the accident )
    Alana said, he made no effort to brake and wash off speed.
    She also said she had moved across for him to pass, as she had seen him coming up behind her. I beleave he was not attemping to pass her in the corner, the bike simply had enough momentum to glance off the embankment and carry forward in front of her as she had slowed on the exit to negotiate the next right hander.
    "And for the record, Manny is not one to pass in silly places"

    I have edited the above info for the 2nd time.

    He was flown to the Alfred, then moved to the Austin after they felt he was in a stable condition.
    It is not looking very good, he cannot feel below his waste.
    There is a slim chance that it is simply swelling from the damage to the lower spine, but at this stage it looks as though he may never walk again.

    His bike bounce off the wall and went in front of Alana's ( fiesty ) and brought her down as well, she has been checked out and is ok, but quite shaken.
    UPDATE on ALANA, she is slightly bruised, but will be A-OK, her R1 doesnt look like a write off, but badly damaged.

    I'll post more info as it comes to light.

    stay upright people

  2. Which Manny as we have another one who may or may not be in Sydney.
    What was he riding?
    And I hope that everything goes well with him and fiesty as well.
  3. shit i hope he is ok! not the best of news to come home too
    and its good to hear alana is ok!
  4. Very sad and shocked to hear about Manny. :( I hope all goes well and that he will be better in no time. Could you please pass my best wishes to him, ratty?

    And very glad to hear Alana's okay.
  5. As always my family's deepest wishes to Manny.

    also good to hear Alana is ok, we heard a tow truck with 2 bikes on board came down from Reeton so thankfully it's not as bad as we thought.
  6. damn hope everything goes well for Manny...............Hope Fiesty is doing okay

  7. Manny had a silver Hayabusa, and from what we've heard 'had' is the word
  8. Not good to hear Ratty. Give him my best wishes. Heal up quick Manny. Still some riding to be done in the Snowies dude.
  9. All the best to Manny, thanx for the update Ratty. Todays ride turned very sombre after the off :(
    Having a few good luck drinks at tonight BBQ for him and a speedy recovery.
  10. Yeuck, not good.
    Passing around the outside, did you say???
    Hope he's ok.
  11. Ahh geeez, we (Tenoq, LordTB & i) must've dissappeared off before news reached Marysville.

    My best wishes to Manny for a speedy recovery (and Alana for a stiff drink tonight). Was such a nice day, it's always a shame to have an unfortunate incident like this.
  12. All the best to Manny. Hoping for a speedy recovery.
  13. Hearing something like this, you can't express all your feelings and best wishes for those involved.

    My deepest sympathy and best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

    Please let us know if there is any help required.

  14. Thanks Shabby I remember them now.
    Fiesty has the R1 doesn't she?
    Met them at cofee and had some good chats with Alana
    Get well soon guys!
  15. Sorry to hear about the unfortunate events of today.

    A speedie recovery to Manny and Alana.

    Sing out if you need anything.

  16. Ouch, sorry to hear. Best wishes and a speedy recovery Manny
  17. Hope you get well soon Manny, sorry to hear the bad news so close to home.
  18. :(

    Hope he has a speedy recovery.
  19. yeah Alana has the R1.
  20. Good luck Manny hope to see you up and about soon, as well as everyone else who had an off today.
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