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Goddamn it! %$#% Cobra pipes...!

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Bluesuede, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. *sigh*

    So I ordered myself a new set of pipes - Cobra slash cuts. Have been waiting anxiously for the doorbell to ring and a big box to arrive from the US.

    The big day finally arrived yesterday. I tore the box open like an 8 year old kid at Christmas time, pulled them out...and then my heart sank as I looked at them curiously. How the fcuk are those going to mount?

    Having removed and replaced the stock exhaust before I'm familiar with the mount points. I was expecting to see two pipes with vertical brackets on them - one up and one down. What I had instead was one pipe with a vertical and the other with a horizontal :shock: I double checked the model stamp on them - yes they were correct. Double checked the instructions (no visual guide, but again they stated the model number and that they were for all 06-08 V-Star 1100's.

    Well I decided I'd wait until I had time to get to the bike today...so I removed the stock exhaust and had a look - no other miscellaneous bolt holes that I hadn't seen before - and sure enough, neither pipe fits no matter how I try or even if I close my eyes and click my heels together three times.


    So I've emailed both Cobra USA and Cruisercutomizing.com and will wait and see what happens...

  2. Double post...
  3. Nothing worse than being the "this is why you don't buy from overseas" horror story.

  4. It's looking more and more like the later US models (06 onwards and 04-05 in California) were fitted with a completely different exhaust mount bracket than the rest of the world. I've been browsing through some other exhaust manufacturers sites that actually provide some drawings of their exhausts (Jardine for example) and they seem to have the same mounting system as the Cobra ones - however their earlier ones have the mounts I was expecting to see.

    Hmmm....yet another example perhaps of the US thinking they are the only market in the world and failing to advertise whether their hardware is US specific or specific to the "global" model? :LOL:

    Anyway guess I have to wait and see what happens. Will also contact Yamaha to see if they know of any regional differences. Just hope I don't end up stuck with rather expensive door stops... :twisted:
  5. any chance of making a custom bracket?

    Wold have to be cheaper than chucking them away!
  6. Bit beyond my capabilities :LOL: I'm hoping that cruisercustomizing will exchange them - after all they are advertised as "all 06-08" and not "US only". I'd just like to get confirmation as to mounts - if the ones Cobra make that are said for up to '05 actually fit my bike then I'll just do a straight swap for those...but will have to verify :)
  7. i had exactly the same thing happen to me... except with Jardine pipes, 1 horizontal and 1 verticle bracket...

    i ended up buying HardKrome 2.5" strippers, not sure if the pic is up in the garage section if not i'll get that happening, but search my posts for the pics of them.

    cruisercustomizing are quite good with returns, i'm still to organise sending my jardine pipes back. I've emailed CC and they are happy to do the return.

    Oh and trust me, the full system, is worth the slightly extra price... i get a lots of comments about the sound of my bike :)
  8. Hey there - I've been scouring the net for pics to compare US model V-stars against ours - and from my visual inspection they have definitely different pipes on them to what are released here - much fatter for what I'm guessing are local emission laws. You can tell that there isn't the gap between them that there is on ours and the mounting is obviously therefore different.

    Compare this

    to this

    The first pic is the US 2007 model, the second pic is the US 2002 model. The second pic has the identical pipes to our 2007 release.

    So obviously there is a different mount bracket as well :(

    I guess buying the pre-2005 model exhausts is the safest, unless you are buying one that comes with its own mounting bracket, which some appear to do!

    Moral of the story is that these pipe manufacturers need to add a "US only" label for model years they claim they apply to

    Anyway, cruisercustomizing asked for some photos of my mount and pipes etc to show what the issue was, which I've sent off. Hoping to hear back from them Tuesday as to what they are prepared to do.
  9. Update:

    Well cruisercustomizing have told me to return the pipes and they'll cover the shipping fee. They haven't said yet whether they intend to replace them or refund the entire amount - their last email they said they reckoned that the pipes were manufactured incorrectly, which I don't believe is the case at all - so I've pointed them to the links above of the different US release bikes to demonstrate the difference. I certainly don't want them sending me another set of the same pipes!

    I've decided I'll go with a set of Vance and Hines instead, which list for the same price and come with their own exhaust mount. So I'm waiting to hear back from cruisercustomizing again before I send the Cobra ones back.

    Pain in the butt. I might debaffle the pipes on the bike in the meantime seeing its likely to be a couple of months before I get the ones I want :cry:
  10. Woohoo...I have some exciting news, but will wait on posting the update until its finalised. \:D/
  11. Well folks here is the latest update.

    My order and subsequent issue with the pipes had been assigned to 'Tyler' at cruisercustomizing.com.
    Tyler, it seems, had an inability to reply to emails and would take him over a week to reply, if he in fact replied at all. This is not in line at all with their advertised policy of replying to all emails within one business day! Up until Saturday morning, I had no response to whether:

    1) They would refund my money or exchange the pipes
    2) If they were prepared to exchange them, would they be prepared to exchange them for a different brand/model
    3) If I was to exchange them, where would I return them to
    4) Whether any exchange would be dependent on the arrival of the pipes back to them

    ...yada yada yada.

    Despite all the detail I requested, and all the detail and photos I provided, including links to photos showing differences in exhaust pipes in the two regions, the most I got from Tyler was basically a two sentence email saying that it 'looked like they'd welded the bracket in the wrong spot. Send them back and we'll cover the shipping' (but only as much as I'd paid for shipping which would be regular post with no tracking ability). No word on whether they'll refund/exchange, and if they exchanged would they simply send me another set of the same pipes hoping they'd be right, when I knew they wouldn't. Nor any detail of how to go about the process etc.

    Here's me in the meantime, tearing my hair out in frustration [​IMG] :tantrum: , looking at my very expensive paperweights!! :furious:

    Anyway, several emails later from me, with no response, Friday I get a reply from someone else in the company, apologising for my treatment and advising me that the issue had now been escalated to management.

    So we move on to the good news... \:D/

    Saturday I get an email from the customer service manager.

    Guess what? Tyler has now left the building (and reading between the lines I suspect with a foot firmly planted up his arse). Nobody else knew about my situation, and they are apologising and wanting to make the situation right.

    So I've been offered the Vance & Hines pipes I want, free, and am not required to return the other pipes! (ie I get to keep them!) They emailed me this morning to say they've been ordered in and will ship them as soon as they arrive.

    I'm rapt. Excellent outcome! So the moral of the story is that cruisercustomizing.com were let down by one individual, but are an excellent company who will go above and beyond to rectify a problem and keep the customer happy. Its been a bit frustrating, but a big thumbs up for them!

    Oh and a big [​IMG] to a certain Yamaha parts manager who point blank refused to even entertain answering the question when asked - as to whether the stock Yamaha exhaust mount in Australia was different to the one in the US - all because I went and bought custom pipes from the US instead of paying 3 times the price by buying them in Australia - you're a champ :roll: That's one shop I'll guarantee that I'll never set foot in again.
  12. Woot! They've arrived!! (actually they came by courier on Thursday but I wasn't home so they redelivered today)

    A nice new set of Vance & Hines Classic II - they are actually nicer than the Cobra ones in appearance - build wise they just appear better quality and they've got a more solid feel to them. I was a little surprised at how 'tinny' the Cobra's felt when they arrived originally. The Vance & Hines can be converted to straight through pipes easily enough if I really wanted to as the baffles are removable. Looking forward to hearing how they sound :wink:

    Most importantly they come with their own mount, so will install easily. I'll post up some pics once I've got them on the bike :)
  13. Excellent outcome, good to hear they looked after you. Im waiting on some parts from a different store over there at the moment and I will let everyone know how it goes.
  14. And now some pics!

    The box that arrived:


    On the bike:


    And I have to say a big thank you to WD40, without whom this installation would not have been possible! :LOL: damn they were tight to get on!

    How do they sound, I hear you ask?

    Awesome! :woot: Deep and throaty, and a wonderful bark to them when you roll on the throttle. A rather substantial improvement over modded stock pipes! Can't wait to get out and ride with them!

  15. That's a great story and outcome Bluesuede :grin: Well done.

    Now - Name and shame the Yamaha store!
  16. Congrats on the new pipes Ian! :grin: They look pretty damn cool :wink:

    Do they make those loud popping sounds like the old ones that scared me silly in Tassie :p


    ps. you did a great job of cleaning your bike :grin:
  17. Thanks Eve. :LOL: Haven't had a chance to get out for a ride with them yet, but they probably will - however disabling the AIS is on the agenda and that will take care of it :wink:

    I largely have Redwing Honda to thank for that :LOL: they completely detailed the bike when they did the insurance repairs shortly after I got back from Tassie and I was shamed into attempting to keep it fairly clean since :grin:
  18. So did you send back the cobra's anyway as a "thankyou" for firing tyler?
  19. :LOL:

    No, I figured I'd try selling them. I'm sure there's someone around that is able to make themselves a mount for them - so they're listed for sale in the classifieds now :)

    But now that you mention it, I really ought to at least send them a "thank you" card! :LOL: