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Goddamn Impatient Drivers!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Germaine, May 8, 2009.

  1. *MOD - PLease post in the correct forum next time or your post will be removed. Thanks :)*

    I'm here to whinge, particularly at stupid impatient men who drive big cars! (no offence to the men on this forum who drive big cars :) ) Also I am aware that there are millions of idiots on the road and that's why we bikers have to be aware and careful at all times.

    Last night I was in a rush (but not speeding) to get to a volunteer meeting near Victoria Market. I was riding from Richmond so ended up at the intersection of Victoria Street and Elizabeth Street, where I wanted to turn right to go up Royal Parade. I happened to be in the wrong lane because I didn't have the opportunity to change lanes, and once I did (the lights were green), I put on my right indicator, did 3 head checks just to make sure no car would zoom pass me, and tried to change lanes, but I was going a lil slow because I was changing pass tram tracks and there were numerous occasions where it seemed my bike was wobbly when doing this, so I was being careful.

    The next thing I know, WHOOSH!! I literally no shit felt a car brush against my arm, it was a big gigantic ute and I'm like WTF???!! Obviously I'm in shock because thank fcuk I didn't get thrown off my bike considering the ute brushed my sleeve, and then the ute decides to slow down right in the middle of the intersection and change lanes to the left right in front of me because he thinks he's knocked me over or something.

    Now I'm thinking, how the hell did he not see me?? There was heaps of space when I wanted to change lanes, I had my right indicator on, my jacket and pants are bright red, I wasn't hesitating, wtf am I doing wrong??! Eventually he pulled over the side but I think I did a wrong thing by not pulling over to speak to him, as I was already late so I just rode on to my destination. So seriously, wtf was that??!!

    And then When I'm riding back home, I decided to take the long way home and that's down Elizabeth St, turning left at Flinders St. I'm on Flinders St near Swanston St going at about 30-40 because it's mild traffic still, there's space for small car between the car in front of me and me, and this bastard who's parked on the side of the road just decides to drive out to fill the gap! Why the hell can't these people wait!!

    Lastly when I got home I was riding on Cremorne St to turn left onto my street. Now Cremorne St is a 40 zone and I usually stick to 40 but I just really wanted to get hom and was doing 50, so I'm already speeding in my own area eventhough it's an empty street. And this other impatient mofo thinks I'm going to slow at fcuking 50 in a 40 zone and decides to overtake me as well!!

    Now seriously!


    Rant over.
  2. Sorry, I'm not seeing anything unsual here that doesn't happen pretty much everytime I go riding around Melbourne. :evil:

    You'll get used to it too, soon enough. :roll:
  3. +1 Stew.

    However, from the sounds of it the guy in the 1st situation fkd up and was doing his best to make sure you were OK - so what's the problem?
  4. When I started riding I thought every second car was trying to kill me, and would winge and complain to all and sundry, like most new riders.
    After a while on the road you soon realise that not so many people are trying to kill you because partly you become immune to car drivers lack of respect etc and partly because your own awareness and roadcraft increases and you dont find your self in as many situations.

    I think before canning another persons rant you should look back at when you started riding and try to remember how it felt. I bet even Rossi shit himself the first time he road a bike on the road in traffic.

    And yes the dude in the big ute would have scared the shit out of me and I have been riding motorcycles for 10 years and commuted solely by bicycle on the roads on Melbourne before that.

    Well thats my rant over.
  5. Well I've only been riding since January (am on my P's now), so my experience on a bike isn't as much as you guys, so I know I'm still learning on the bike and to be honest I think I'm a little too careful sometimes? I had a stack a couple of months back but that was my fault because I broke too hard and locked my front wheel, since then I've been a lil more careful and at that time I was lucky there weren't any cars in front of me, and 2 cars next to me came out of their cars to help me. So I'm not saying that all car drivers are idiots, there's always those rotten apples in the basket which everybody likes to pick on.

    My biggest scare last night was the guy in the ute, the other 2, I was just whinging because I was angry at the first guy. I know that as a bike rider we have to be responsible for our own life and the way we ride our bike. And I also know that it's a subjective issue when it comes to who is right and wrong (unless it's the obvious).

    Though I'm a baby on the bike, I don't want to portray myself for being a whinger who's stubborn and insists that I was right on the road, but like I said before, in my books, I seemed to be doing everything right and yet I was still unnoticed even though I was in front of the car. Was I really unnoticed or was the driver really just being impatient and trying to overtake me? I don't know, I could have found out if I had spoken to him but I just didn't. I'm just glad that I'm alive.

    With the other 2, I did notice them and was ready for anything unexpected to happen, in which it did happen so there was no harm involved.

    So really, I'm just venting for the sake of it because in my defense, I was shit scared and just want to get it out of my system. People must be sick and tired about reading the same old same old especially if it happens to the be the riders fult. I know that in future when using the same route I should try to be in the right lane at the beginning so that I don't have to merge lanes later, but obviously it does happen when you realize you're in the wrong lane.
  6. You are invisible. The correct response is to give the idiot the finger & ride on.

    Ride safe!
  7. Hang on. The OP was in the wrong lane, indicated, but prevaricated (all for good reasons) and then attempted to move into the correct lane. The ute driver had right of way and is not obliged to give way to another person wanting to change lanes. Now, you've assumed that the ute driver did indeed see the OP and intended to brush across, but their actions later don't indicate that at all. So, you'd give the finger to someone for doing that?

    Someone dillies and dallies around in front of me, I assume (like lots of others) that they really don't know what they want. I certainly don't hang around in an intersection and debate with them where they want to go.

    Germaine, you need to make positive moves on a bike. If you think you are going to miss a turn or are in the wrong lane and feel concerned about crossing tracks, go on and make a correction a little further on. So what if you're late (it's a volunteer thing anyway, is it worth dying over?).

    Also, tram tracks need to be crossed as far as possible perpendicular to the direction of the track. Crossing them at an oblique angle will result in mayhem.
  8. Yes, I would definitely give the perp the finger, as well as the above, the driver actually touched the rider. :shock: It seems there wasn't enough room, possibly because the rider had moved, but according to the op's account, she was doing all the right things.

    Looking at both angles, if someone was doing this in front of me I would slow down & let them do their thing, I certainly wouldn't try to drive/ride past.

    Obviously I wasn't there etc etc. But, yes, I would still give the driver the finger. Then ride off as fast as possible to avoid getting the shit kicked out of me :p
  9. MV, selective quoting I am afraid.

    This the full quote:

    It reads to me that the OP actually merged into the car. Headchecks, indicators do NOT give you the right to change lane. They are an indication to other traffic that you intend to do so. They do not grant you right of way. By the OP's own admission, they were going slowly and were hesitant at crossing the tram tracks.

    It all adds up as an inexperienced rider, hesitating at a critical moment after an error on their part. We all make mistakes, we all cock up, but we don't all come on a forum and complain about it.

    Imagine the outrage in this forum if this was a rider posting about how they were going past stationary traffic in a right turn lane and a car merged into their lane, almost taking them out. We'd be up to page 8 by now with tales and tales of how cagers are dumb and can't drive for shit.
  10. I know it's a bit off-topic for this thread, but Come On People:

    I brake -> (s)he brakes -> is braking -> we braked to avoid the collision.


    I break -> (s)he breaks -> is breaking -> we broke the bike by failing to brake.

    FFS, they are BRAKES, not BREAKS !!!!111one!
  11. Very selective, that's what the ellipses indicate! :grin:

    But yes, you make some very good points. The way I read it was that the OP did three headchecks, nothing coming, then a car comes past at an inappropriate speed, at an inappropriate distance. Might have been selective reading on my part! It's moot anyway, as the OP was just venting.

    My first comment, minus the finger remark was the crux of my point, the rest was just stirring.

    Speaking of, give us a brake minderbinder, not all of us now how use the english language!
  12. I must correct myself, by 'slowing down' I mean slowing down to change lanes to then prepare to turn right.

    Yes I know, I'm an inexperienced rider, but I still think the ute should have at least waited for 3 seconds rather than just trying to overtake me, it would have taken me just 1 second to change lanes, and the reason I did 3 head checks was because other cars were zooming pass me.

    Anyways I'm over it. I didn't want any support from others insisting I was right to make me feel better about myself, or think that I'm an arrogant P plater that doesn't know what I'm talking about. I just wanted to vent that perhaps sometimes some people should be a little patient that's all.
  13. Fair enough, but inappropriate is very subjective. After all, don't we all leap to some riders defense when they're caught doing 205kmh in a 60? Strikes me that the OP was taken by surprise and wasn't prepared. Now, when we do the same to car drivers, perhaps we can use the same empathy on them that we show to the OP?

    Sorry, but all these vents from new riders, which, when we deconstruct them end up being very marginal (and that's being generous) give me the shits. Cocking up is part of learning and is essential. Mostly we get away with it, but in order to learn, we don't need a forum of people rabidly agreeing with us how unfair life is, what we need is brutally honest review (be it self or peer), otherwise we don't learn.
  14. Perhaps, but indicating does NOT give you the right to change lanes. I do not think you are any of the things you indicate, we all have to learn and the only way we learn is from doing. As I said initially, be positive in your movements and things will be better. I apologise for banging on.
  15. I think generally people on the road lack courtesy.

    Germaine was in the wrong lane, but it still does not mean that the ute driver should endanger her life.

    If I was driving and some someone decides to jaywalk, that does not mean that it is ok for me to run them over. At the end of the day.

    sadly, courtesy is not abundantly available anymore.
  16. If you are not in the correct lane, I would suggest either filtering to it while the light is red, or simply doubling back from further up the road.

    Glad you are ok, but assuming you were holding up the front of the queue, the guy in the utes vision of you would have been blocked by other cars most likely, and because that lane was not a turning lane, he would have just been thinking 'sweet my lane is clear'.

    Glad you are okay though, keep it rubber side down :]
  17. The use of the indicator and the 3 head checks is indication that the motorist wants to change lanes. Perhaps the ute driver flying past and putting the biker in immediate life-threatening danger wasn't necessarily "against the law", but it does fall under the heading of "Road bound f**kwittery".

    If I'm driving along and in an adjacent lane a motorist (Biker, driver, scooter rider, wtf-ever) begins to indicate, I'm one of those people that will take that as an indication that they wish to change lane, and accommodate for that... I'm NOT one of those ASSHOLES that goes "OH SHIT, That motorist wants to put me a whole nother car length back! MUST... FILL... GAP... AS... FAST... AS... POSSIBLE!"

    All things considered, the car is at fault imo... he saw the indication, chose not to preserve the wellbeing of other roadusers for the sake of 5 seconds of waiting.

    The two most dangerous groups of cagers on the roads are taxi's and utes. This is a prime example of why that is the case.