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goddamn elderly drivers

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Dan.adl, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Today was so nice to start with, glorious warm, sunny day off.

    As I went thru the round about at the end of my street, not two houses down, I was T-boned on my left side by an older gent in a white renault who i looked me in the eye as he slowed down.

    I had right of way.
    You looked me in the eye.
    It was a bright green motorbike right in front of you.

    There is only so far you can swerve on a round about so unfortunately this is not a near-miss.

    Insurance company called, police statement made, bike to be picked up in a half hour as she has dumped her fluid's (I managed to retain mine).
    With any luck my new best friend wil pay up given he admits fault.

    Its a good thing that I am notoriously hard to kill, and apparently harder than a renault 19 given the damage I did to him.

    Now to wait for the insurance companies verdict.
  2. Glad you're safe. Not good about the bike. Hope it all goes well.
  3. Wow, maybe she did not have the correct prescription glasses on at the time?

    "ooooo, what's that green little thingymebobby in front of me..."

    Hope your ok, which is the number 1 thing here.

    What bike did you have?
  4. Hrmm. Weird double post..
  5. I am constantly trying to advocate license re-testing for the elderly. In the last week there have been 2 cars that have driven through buildings in melbourne because of elderly drivers!
    Glad you are ok and hope the insurance company doesnt cause you any pain!
  6. I don't want to generalise, but all old people are no good at everything!
  7. I resent that comment.
    Just because your old, does not mean we are slow.

    I know a lot of young people who should not be in control of a kiddy car,
  8. There's old people then there's senile old people.

    Case in point: my dad is 73. He's not an old person. He still gets around and to my knowledge hasn't killed anyone. In fact, he once admitted to me that he accidentally merged on a motorcyclist and was very apologetic about it.

    Then there's old muriel who is 106, has 3 prosthetic hips and 2 glass eyes and it's like man, is an old person's vote really worth that much, mr. Government?

    Sorry to hear about your off mate. No injuries at all?
  9. Glad you're ok buddy!!
    bike will be fixed and glad to hear you kept your cool with the elderly, and yes a pain in the butt when accidents happen, main thing is your health.
  10. Injuries are nothing gin and pain killers cant fix.
    Poor old guy thought he killed me, he said sorry and meant it and that is what matters. Noone gets concessions when in charge of a vehicle, he manned up and took his share of responsibility.
  11. I agree .. let's retest all the Old farts, trouble is .. Who defines what's considered old?

    I used to think 40 was old, I'm 60 next year and now I reckon 70 just might be old.

    That said, my younger brother has been old since he was in his 30's .. (he doesn't ride)

    I got shunted up the arse on the Monash carpark on Tuesday morning (in the camry) the female driver who touched me up was in her late 20's.
    Should we retest all females over 25?

    Coffee Guru ... Advocating giving the gumblement any more power than they already have would be an act of abso'fucking'lute madness, and anybody who advocates giving said gumblement more power that it already has is an "Abso'fucking'lute nutter..
    yeah I think I made my point..
  12. Well, Glad you are ok and also glad that he owned up. Another guy here Murchy had a little run in and the chick just drove off.
  13. Funny. The older gent that hit you, manned up, accepted fault, and apologized, because he has those old fashion values of right/wrong, good/bad, honor and accountability, etc.

    The younger Gens, have values etc...but they are little different, and seem to adopt them when it suits a situation, rather than all the time. Ah well...
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  14. I think people these days seem more focused on 'rights' than 'responsibility' so it is good the old fella manned up, so to speak. Obviously wasn't worried about car damage, getting into trouble etc. More concerned about you which is a nice change.
  15. Ok.
    So now i just had to do a skid to a halt in the car on the same round about for the same damn reason.

    If you never hear from me again it is because I have just started killing people instead of tolerating their lazy dangerous stupidity.
  16. Here's an unpopular point of view:

    Maybe there's something you can do to avoid these situations? Especially if they keep happening.

    How's the bike repair coming along?
  17. G'day everyone,....

    You took the words right out of my mouth!

    The younger generation Have all but lost what honor and integrity is.
    They are the ones who need to be MORE like this older guy.

    Right and wrong these days to young people is a matter of conveniance from what I see.

    Dr Who?
  18. Hang on - isn't this thread is about picking on old people.

    If you want to complain about the younger generation - start your own thread :p

  19. Fair point, but im just angry because it was so similar and so soon.
    Im about to occupy a part of the road, made eye contact, they saw me and they move out anyway.

    I even drive a cage with lights on. At least this time I just gave them a blast with the horn.

    Time to go to my happy place, I think.
  20. Some people get a bit vague when they get older, some don't. Some people are crap drivers their whole lives.

    Juan Manuel Fangio was a 4 wheel drift at 240k type driver right up until the last year of his life. Sir Jack Brabham was good at car control but bad at everyday situational awareness as a road driver for decades. People used to jockey for position to get in a car with him, on the track. They used to jockey for position to not get in a car with him on the road.

    My grand dad and his brother were terrible drivers. Slow, poor awareness, poor control, no mechanical sympathy, no consideration of other motorists, and yet both men rode horses and pushbikes well into their 60s, the final week or two of their lives.

    I saw an old bloke (late 60s I guess) having a big go in a 1960s vintage Jag yesterday. Lots of body roll, a bit of opposite lock here and there. He was having a play, and doing it beautifully.