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Goddamn delays and repairers

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by takagawa, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. Why is it that when they say your bike would be ready on a specific day, they wait until the very last minute to tell you there's a delay.

    I call up on Tuesday, "Yep, it'll be ready to pick up on Friday." So I say, cool no problems, I'll organise to be free on the day.

    Call again on Thursday, "Yup its all good come tomorrow afternoon to pick her up." Alright I can't wait, need my riding fix.

    On the Friday morning, "Yep, it'll be ready at around fiveish." So I stay home all day twiddling my thumbs "can't bloody wait to see my beautiful bike again..."

    AT 4.45pm, just before I leave the house I give them the final ring, "Oh sorry mate, we ran out of time, pick it up on monday afternoon."....... GRRRRRRRR

    So I say to them, "Umm... look are you sure on Monday? Because I got these important exams to study for, and I also have to organise someone to drop me off ahead of time...."
    They reply, "Oh.. in that case make that tuesday... yea.. tuesday afternoon." :evil:

    Not happy Jan. I've been dying the past two weeks wanting my bike back and grrrr this happens. I was going to drop by coffee night, give out the last alarms, have a perfect night and this bloody happens.

    I don't like whinging like this but goddamn bloddy )*#$@#)@ I'm pissed.
  2. yeah, sounds like a mechanic to me :LOL:

    where is this? what were they doing? 2 weeks is a bloody long time, especially for something that parts are so readily available for :?
  3. Bike Magic. He told me from the beginning though he's got alot of bikes already so I might be waiting a bit.

    Change right muffler, right mirror, right indicator, brake levers, weld repair top fairing, left and right ductails, install alarm. He said the last bit he didn't get done was to put on the muffler. gah.

    Maybe the land owners. Sued for negligance in preventing trees from falling on people.
  4. ow... Bike Magic... I have to hear some thing good about them... they ruined my friends ZZR600 frame.. lucky I had a spare... Also the deleys....
  5. So I'm guessing you won't be taking part in our worldwide 'Hug a Mechanic' day? :LOL:
  6. Yea I think I read your post about them, but I thought I'll give them a shot. Delays yea, but if they do a good job I'll be happy.
  7. I can understand your frustration takagawa since you do the right thing and ring on numerous occassions to make sure it would be ready . Not some-one you would recommend then i guess.
  8. It depends. If they do a fantastic and i mean fantastic job, then I'll be just happy.