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God V Darwin

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TRA, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Being an athiest, I dismiss 'God' pretty easily. This is based mainly on the fact that I am an engineer and scientist at heart, so I like to see evidence. In a nutshell, I see plenty of evidence supporting darwin, and none supporting the bible. I was bought up as a roman catholic, when to private catholic schools so have been surrounded by this crap all my life.

    However, to this date, I have never really sat down and pondered the whole philosophical 'God has a master plan' thing and 'God knows each and every one' and the praying to god thing. I never did get it, but never really put much though into it, I was far more interested in the amazing things that we see in evolutionary biology, and I can see those progressive links that darwin discusses.

    Anyway, I was on my yacht the other day, anchored up of moreton island having a few quite rums by myself and marvelling at the dophins swimming around my boat. I started thinking about the religious argument. The more I think about now, the more stupid is seems. I just cant get over the fact that people actually beleive this stuff. Something like 7 billion people on this planet and some person has a plan for each and every one, as well as listening to prayers and crap. Seriously, give me a break. I just dont get how people can worship something as a person, when that thing does not exist.

    I then got to thinking about darwin and how so many stupid people survive these days, and breed. Flies in the face of darwin i though. But no, because evolution will run its course, and you and I will never see it. The human race will indeed become extinct one day, and there is not a single thing you or anyone else can do to stop it. We are the smartest creatures so far, but we are not smarter than evolutionary biology. Someone should point this out to the greens too.
  2. Heresy! You can't be an engineer and a scientist, the two are mutually exclusive. [-(
  3. So there was a point to this?
  4. Some people just like to believe in something that will help them get through the day.

    Each to their own brother :)
  5. The more pressing question is how are you a bike rider if your an engineer? All my engineering buddies are at the pub stumbling for the next schooner, they can hardly stand up much less ride a bike :).

    One thing is for sure, god isnt an engineer.

    or a scientist
  6. A very dangerous thing to do, man! (y)

    Yes, but this bit a Christian perspective, and a wacky pop-Christian perspective at that. Any god worthy of veneration is to be feared and occasionally placated; not loved. Other religions have interventionist deities, but few of them really give a **** about us, and none of them have a 'plan'. A greater system to defend, yes. But not a plan for us.

    The problem with Christianity is that the Christian's think god became man. They therefore give him human characteristics and emotions. I think this is weird.

    (Not that I'm defending religion. It interests me because, like you, I don't understand the compulsion. But if we are going to talk religion and our place in the cosmos, I think its important to be clear what's essential to it, and what is accidental. God's love for man is accidental Abrahamic Monotheism. Not all religions.)

    There are a couple of thoughts here that worry me. I understand what your saying, but strictly speaking its a false comparison. Evolution is blind. Just random stuff. If it has value, it is because we decide to attribute value to it. I think we are right to do so, and I think the Greens are to be defended on this point.

    Sorry, I don't mean to come over all bolshy. Just genuinely interested in these arguments, and glad you've raised them.
  7. Now imagine me trying to do a three point shot with a normal sized basketball, blind folded, spun around 100 times, with a 1/4 sized ring placed 10,000,000,000,000km away............impossible, well this is evolution for you. Basically some bunch of particles colliding and forming into humans, or like building a snow woman and hoping that the hottie snow woman becomes your real life hottie wife. The fact is that no matter how many times I throw the ball I will never get that shot or how many times I make that snow woman it will never become my wife.
  8. Needless to say I ride to and from work mainly, the rest of my life revolves around organising transport in such a way that I dont have to ride/drive/sail after a few beers.

    Totally false. Engineers would never make such a mistake. BTW. I am an electrical engineer, our field is slightly more forgiving in some regards!

    Ahem, that is green science!
  9. Yes, if you beleive in 'god' you are wrong.

    And if your a self righteous greenie, thanks to darwin your going to fail.
  10. Thats the most bizarre analogy I have ever heard. Sounds very 'Christian' to me.

    No one ever said evolution happened overnight, but to proclaim that the world was created in 7 days (depending on which contradictory method of genesis you choose to beleive) is just plain ludicrous. To further beleive that the world is 6000 years old (thank genesis) is also plain ludicrous.
  11. Hey you have your own belief so stop forcing it down everyone elses throats, god knows how the public system forces it down everyone elses throats already.

    Anyway im off this thread, it really serves no point in a MC forum and clearly wont be able to convince one side to change their minds.
  12. Its not a belief actually, a lack of to be precise.

    Actually, I have found this forum quite liberating in this regard. Most here seem above average on the scale of intelligence, and most seem capable of rational debate. Its actually quite rare in online communities, and the MC community should be quite proud of this fact.
  13. o rly?

  14. You can't have it both ways mate, it's either one or the other. You either lack the conviction to say that God does exist or you believe that God doesn't exist.

    That's an interesting observation you've picked up on. Its not often that people will recognise that Christianity is quite unique to the other major religions. Of course the Jews are still waiting for God's incarnation to arrive, but that's another story.
  15. No, The Bimota Tesi one beat that I think.

    Yeh, I take my hat off to this one, can't get much more bizarre than that.
  16. Darwin wins for me.

    That basket ball analogy is pretty average too i recon, a lot of the Anti-Evolution arguments are though!
  17. Religion - we are all open to interpretation.......
  18. Don't diss the Marina, you may not like it but it was a highly successful car for years...
  19. I dont *beleive* there is no God, I know there is no God. People either beleive in god, or they dont.