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God takes back seat at weddings

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TarmacSamurai, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/lifematters/god-takes-back-seat-at-weddings-20090907-feeu.html

    Interesting shift shown by the various stats.

  2. Interesting omission of divorce stats. They're usually thrown in for perspective.

    I imagine 'in these dire economic times' too, people are opting to live together or elope, rather than go for the traditional white wedding.

    ... coz they can get stupidly expensive.
  3. True - I'm sure divorce rates are higher than ever. But divorce rates would have been just as high back in the day if it wasn't so socially unnaceptable.
  4. I personally believe that a large number of people that tick "Christian" or whatever on the census only do so because they always have.
    I certainly don't think you have to regularly attend church or even read the bible to have a valid belief in god (thor, christ, yahweh, FSM, whatever), just that I believe fewer people actually DO.

    My own little social circle of friends and relatives is a particularly non pious bunch, so of the 6 weddings I have been to in the last 7 years, all have been presided over by a celebrant.

    I agree with TarmamcSamurai about there being more divorces because divorce is socially acceptable now.
  5. I would venture a guess that the percentage of people that tick Christian and go to church is a lot lower that the percentage of people that tick Christian and only ever go to church for weddings and funerals.
  6. And you will find in a typical relationship it is the woman who wants to get married (actually getting married is another story). I wonder why that is?

    I dont get the point of promising to love and care for someone for the rest of your life if your just gonna backflip on that couple of years down the track. Maybe they should change the marriage vow to "for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, for the next dozen or so years."
  7. I don't think many people go into a marriage planning to divorce! I think a lot of people are prepared to try, knowing that divorce is no great stigma these days.
  8. i think you'll find, god is only taking a backseat at weddings because he's usually still violently hungover from the buck's night and needs to keep ducking outside to throw-up during the service.

    dear LORD that guy can throw the booze down! you know yeshua's water-into-wine thing? god actually goes one better, and turns all the hydrogen molecules in the air into this alcoholic 'mist'. it gets you rightiously trashed. you've got to watch him, though, sometimes the cheeky bastard will do it to you while you're driving. but he's a great guy to party with :) just watch him with the strippers, he gets a few drinks into him and he starts to feel he's too good for the no-touching rule.

  9. Gee, I want going to even invite him when I got hitched.

    But after reading the previous post about transforming water into wine, I'm figuring he could help with the booze bill in a BIG way.....

  10. Divoced Catholic, can't get remarried in Church...so there's a few added to the Celebrant list

    Then non-Catholic divorced people remarrying, again, can't be bothered with the Church thing....so another to the Celebrant list
  11. people that quote the divorce statistic ( 50% i think ) seem to say its a terrible thing and that not one good thing comes out of it.

    that may be true in some parts but christ, think of the dark ages when you had "at fault" divorces pre-1975 law changes and how many people were stuck in loveless, terrible marriages?

    i dont care if someone's been divorced, it should be about someone being happy with man/woman/animal or mineral.

    and religion? less and less relevant in this society we live in. I am just waiting for most of the baby boomers to shuffle off so we can get rid of the queen of england....
  12. Am I the only person here who thinks serial monogamy is a good thing?

    Change partners frequently people! No jealousy, no committment, just good times and a whole lotta STD's!!! :grin:
  13. Agree completely. I'll just have to convince my wife.
  14. it'd be easier convincing her to turn muslim ;)
  15. Relationships last a long as they last!!. Some go the long term, others don't. Friendships are the much the same.

    No point in trying to make something work if it's run it's course. I would much rather be single than feel compelled to stay in a relationship in which both people were unhappy.
  16. Mmm, another thread of TS's to bash Christians, based on another flimsy premise. He needs to get a life. SO BORING.
  17. You honestly think this was an attempt to bash Christians?

    I don't see a single negative line about Christianity or Christians.

    You can tell by some of the comments what individuals believe (mostly that they don't), but this thread has been about whether or not people have religious based weddings and was sparked by an article claiming statistics from the Bureau of Statistics as a basis.

    1) This wasn't a bash
    2) If it was, the premise was hardly flimsy
    3) If you are bored, why are you even in this thread?

    Your accusation and some of the humour are the only flimsy things here.
  18. Thanks Mountaineer - couldn't have said it better myself.

    I'm just posting an article I found which strikes me as interesting and worthy of some debate. I'm interested in religious issues. If you don't like the thread you don't have to read it or participate. I've just posted one about American healthcare reform. You going to accuse me healthcare bashing? American bashing?
  19. Gawd, another Christian playing the victim card. Oh how those poor Christians have been persecuted over the centuries....
  20. Throw a stone into a pack of dogs and the ones that yelped are the ones you hit.