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God Squad boss to sue for wrongful arrest. [NSW]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rc36, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. In a move that is set to bring the unjust NSW "anti-bikie gang" laws into public focus, David Hansen, the President of the God Squad, a Christian motorcycle gang, was today acquited in court after being searched and arrested at a club gathering at the Prospect Hotel. Unfortunately I can't find the full story on the net but it was given prominence on the TV news tonight.

    When his car was searched, police found a "karate stick" (whatever that is) and so he was arrested and charged with having a concealed weapon.

    In court today the magistrate said that, as the defendent WAS a karate instructor, it was fair that he had karate equipment in his car and that police had well and truly exceeded their powers by taking the leap from search to arrest on such a flimsy premise. The charge was dismissed and police castigated (look it up!!) for their actions.

    Outside of the court, Hansen said that his case was just the tip of the iceberg in illustrating the NSW Police's unjust use of their new powers and that, as a result of the magistrate's ruling, he would go ahead and sue for wrongful arrest.

    It should be noted that Hansen is a karate instructor, holds 2 university degrees and is married to a lady who is a doctor...

    Coming to a venue near you...NSW Police and their anti-motorcycle laws. And yes, I know they were designed to break the criminal power of the outlaw motorcycle gangs and their activities, but, make no mistake, no government ever repeals any law that will give them more power and it is only a matter of time before the powers designated for use against the 1%'ers, starts being used against the other 99%.
  2. The laws may soon be repealed anyway as the South Aus laws were found to be unconstitutional and NSW and QLD's laws were based on the SA laws.
  3. Joel said this would happen.
  4. who's this joel character? lol

    but seriously, what a bunch of douchebags ( yes, you, police, if you are reading this, in this instance ).

    the god squad are some hardcore, criminal, evil 1% non law abiding bikies :roll:

    if you read their charter they are there to minister to fellow bikies, nothing else....I am not religious but these guys do no harm. and these laws are bullsh*t.

    here's hoping a big $$$ settlement in his favour
  5. Good.

    Very, very good.

    I hope he gets millions out of them.

    Smee, you will find that it is one clause out of the SA legislation that has been sidelined. QLD and NSW have quickly modified their legislation to get around it.
    The matter of illegal association might be getting a workaround; but the other stuff about unexplained asset seizure and secret control orders, random searches sneakily using the Firearms Act still needs to be vehemently opposed.

    The God Squad are a member of the United Motorcycle Council, which is full of clubs (outlaw and otherwise) that have pooled their resources to hire some very expensive and very good legal representation to combat this very kind of harassment.

    They all carry voice recorders to record interactions with police.

    It is my advice to every motorcyclist in NSW to do the same. Especially if you ride up the coast north of Sydney.
  6. rc36, where does this article come from?

    I can't find any media outlet with this published.
  7. As I said in my OP, I can't find any reference to it on the net either, but it was given substantial coverage in Channel 7 news tonight in Sydney.
  8. These were some of the dumbest laws introduced, typical of the knee jerk responses we get from governments these days. I'm amazed they pass into law without someone saying, are you fkn retarded?? All about vote buying.
  9. i read a few books on US mafia crime....it seems these laws wish to be similar in style, applicability to the RICO laws, i.e. laws of association proving all sorts of nefarious things.

    but in US cases they weren't applied shot gun style which i can see easily happening here....

    and that wanker Barnett in WA is on another "law & order" campaign also
  10. Whatever the law, you'd have to be just plain dumb to attack the God Squad; about on the same level as declaring war on the Salvation Army :roll:....
  11. But they ride motorcycles, they must be bad.
  12. Spelling and Grammer check is complete.

  13. I must ask that _joel_ change his name to The Oracle [-o<

    Maybe just maybe the god squadder pushed his luck on purpose to get arrested to prove a point, dont know just sayin. An if he did, good on him.
  14. I'm always personally very concerned about people who refer to themselves in the 3rd person. Reminds me of some Infants school teachers I know...
  15. Joel's OKAY; Hornet says so :LOL:.
  16. I don't think any UMC member is stupid enough to do that.

    They would all perfectly compliant, silent, and exceedingly polite to police - as they have been advised to be; by their barristers.
  17. didn't see any of this - but how did they know he was a "biker" if he was in his car - I personally don't drive my car with all my gear on.
  18. Why should those things be noted?
  19. it suggests that he is somewhat civilised. unfortunate that people judge that way, but thats the way it is.