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God forbid, sobil's back.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by SOBIL, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Hey all.

    Its been a big night and im tottaly fuked, but i achieved my goal of getting rolling by friday (today).

    I spent 4 hours working on the bike getting it rideable. took it for a ride. found a couple things needed tightening/adjusting etc. did that, decided to take it for a long ride to charge the battery up and ended up pushing the bike at least 3K back (battery totally dead due to broken supply wire to the voltage reg)

    I left home and thought i was totally prepared. i had tape. a blade a pack of cable ties and a shifter. BUT I forgot one of the essentials. SCOTCH-LOCKS. so it was nearly an hour gone walking it back. but fixed it up as soon as i got back to my car.

    So took it for a spin (mainly to feed the dog), and its a totally new bike. rides nothing like it did, suspenstion preload raised. dropped 3 kilo in wee bits. lower sitting position etc. the main thing is its riding straight. I take it into southgate tonight if you there you can have a gander, please note i don't want any lectures from "Saftey Squirel"'s as i allready know its canary material. oh well prolli get it anyway.

    see ya's all later.


    pic here.

    edit:another pic
  2. 'onya mate!!! You are one true streetfighter now!!!
  3. I though your were joking about the pocket bike ducktail.

    If it is canary material are you sure its safe to ride? (I know I know but seriously take the few extra days to work on it and be SURE its safe.)

    But anyway bloody good effort getting it up and running again.
  4. i might show up if safety squirrel is going to be there, i want his autograph :p

    good to hear ya back SOBIL............
  5. YAY Simon, back on the road. Seeya at Southbank tonight, no lectures from me, just congrats!!
  6. Congrats on getting back on the road mate! :)

    Make sure the sump plug is tight though...FZR's have a habit of spitting em out :D
  7. :LOL: nah thats just cos they dont want sobil to ride em ;)

    I'll hope to be in at coffee, i thought no-one was going to go cos of gp, but if there are people there, then rock on...

    oh yeah... well done mate :D its a deathtrap but 'all the kings men COULD put it back together again' :LOL:

    lets go for a 500+km ride eh? i like that 'seat' of yours...

    But yes, very street fighter of you :)

  8. Jeez Simon, with that tiny arse end where are you gonna strap your fuel bottle?


  9. Good work sobil,
    I guess we have a new fzr streetfighter champion!
    And I thought i was tough for no right hand fairing hahaha :p
  10. BAD NEWS... :cry: :x :cry:

    all went perfectly well last night, however things have gone a little wrong now. went to start her this morning and click click, starter not spinning. thought it was the usual starter clutch issue so kept trying and damn, flat battery. so hooked up the jumper lead, damn, no good, let it charge for a bit. tried again letting the battery charge for a good halfa. figured somthings gotta be wrong too much load. pulled out the plugs; very wet. hit the starter and splash, im covered in fuel. but still not wanting to turn over easy. pulled off the starter (cant be that hard.- :evil: )and then pulled it apart. yuck, burnt out on almost all windings. 1 winding was still in tack. so now i have to

    1. new starter - pending
    2. starter clutch -pending
    3. address fuel leak (float level - grrr) - fixed
    4. retime the bloody timing chain. (aaaargh) - fixed
    5. put the friggen thing together.-pending

    I swear its a sign. Lets just say, i might not make coffee tonight....
  11. Congrats on getting it this far SOBIL! :D
    Nothing but a few last minute hiccups before your carving it up on the streets again.
  12. Not bad Sobil... straighten that tank and get the colour evened out and it will look pretty Shmick!!!

    Get a few more photos up tho... all angles and stuff :p
  13. Just a taught SOBIL, are you sure that your starter clutch is disengaging properly???
  14. mate top job on getting the beast back on the road.... hope to start seeing you at a few events again
  15. no, im not. 100% sure. but either way it would slip from time to time when starting. I do doubt it though. due to the heavy reduction gearing it would probably crack the engine case if it did do it.

    I know the starters gone, and i know the starter clutch is fragged. so i will try and do them both. grrr.

    to let you know i fixed the fuel issue, twas a bit of debri caught on the the needle of the float tap thingamob. and i nearly got the timing set now.... NEARLY... head off to pick the parts soonish.
  16. Dude....

    Well let me know if you'll be heading in to coffee, bike or car...

    SMS me if i'm not on here...
  17. Lights look schmick! :D
  18. Hey Sobil - we will certainly know when you're on the road now!!! :p
  19. Good News, can't wait to see the new beast, maybe take it to meet Tara tomorrow, she won't miss you in the crowd.
  20. I noticed #5 was still pending. :p :D