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God Dammit!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Quivorir, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. As some of you know I bought a 2012 fireblade 2 weeks ago. I cant ride it til September and it shits me to tears

    Just needed to vent. :-({|=:nopity:
  2. Man that's gotta suck!
    Polishing time?
  3. Actually, you can a little bit. Just don't get caught! Stay in the back streets.
    (I never said that)
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  4. Do you see it everyday though? :D
  5. That's a nice problem to have really.
  6. I tell you what, I'm asssuming you can't ride it because of restrictions, so I will be really kind and I'll swap you my Sym HD200, till September :p
  7. Don't be tempted to ride it. It's against the law and extremely dangerous.....

    Now that's out of the way, IF you choose to ride it, don't be stupid and for fucks sake don't put your L or P plate on (don't laugh, seen it done, and they wondered why the cops pulled them over).

  8. Future Fireblade rider. Of course he's polishing it.
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  9. and keep your pants on when polishing it!! lol
  10. was going to offer to babysit it for you, but smileedude beat me to it!
  11. Do what I did and put it in someone else's garage. Preferably someone who can start putting all the bling on for you.
  12. I did the same as you I have till end of Oct..

    I am not complaining yet.
  13. Is your daytona sitting unloved till October?!

    Oh mate, that's a crime! I mean, the battery could go flat, the reg/rec could fail through lack of love, anything could happen!

    Let me help you out with that .... I'll even run in the engine for you :D
  14. My bike is never unloved.
    The battery tender is doing its job.
    There is a cue of 150 people happy to show me how to get rid of the chicken strips on the Corsa SP tyres.
    But I am being the perfect :angel: or is that :evil:
  15. Does it fit in your bedroom, that's where I'd have it. Until midnight one day in September that is.
  16. You guys are so law abiding!
    What is wrong with the youth of today!
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  17. I was ever so close to doing the same with a CBR600RR with the deal honda had going in June. I ended up saying no to the bike over $200 haha.

    Only 42 days to go.

    Or 3,629,000 seconds, Till I can get my opens haha
  18. What youth? I'm 46.

    My beef was that if I binned it, there'd be no insurance. Can't afford another $14k to replace it, just b/c I couldn't wait a month.

    With age comes maturity... and a sense of protection over one's bank balance!
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