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Go with the flow...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MadAzz300, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. ...or do the speed limit?

    I already know the legal answer is - do the speed limit.

    When I am going to and from work I travel in moderate to heavy traffic. People are impatiently cranky in the morning, and go about 10kms over the posted limit of 60, and the same in the 70 zone.

    This doesnt bother me when there are 2 lanes to travel on - I just hang out in the left lane. It's when I hit the 1 lane roads that worry me.

    I'm finding I have to go with the flow due to the numerous b-doubles behind me - they are pushy bastards!!

    I'm worried about losing my license if caught, but more scared of losing my life if Im going 'too slow' (speed limit) for the majority of people I have to share the rd with.

    Advice please?
  2. Ride your own ride and own your lane.

    Also remember most speedo's read over. If you haven't checked your speedo with a GPS do it. You may be doing 5 - 10 under the limit.

    Also don't filter. Getting over taken at the lights by a vehicle that slows them down later while displaying plates is asking for rd rage.
  3. check speedo and pray nobody in a cage decides to lane split.
  4. I've done the check (when I bought the bike) and my speedo was 10 under. Ive calibrated it to 3 under.

    I get owning your lane and all that, but when I see cars/trucks banking up behind me (when possible) I pull over and let them pass. When I'm stopped I check the recorded top speed on my GPS and I'm usually 2ish kms over the limit. When I go with the flow, mote often than not, I'm over by 6-10 kms.

    I really dont want to go back to riding side streets home, but again, I dont want to lose my license.
  5. sad isn't it... the safest thing to do would be to go with the flow... but the law forces us to put ourselves in danger so they can make money..... our taxes are never enough.

    gonna have to be a personal choice, if you're riding in traffic you need to own your lane.... but that only goes so far...
  6. Also remember that all speed cameras in Sydney are sign posted. The only thing that is going to get you is a cop. If your going the flow behind the car in front your chances of getting booked are very slim. Not impossible but unlikely*. Ride what ever you're comfortable with. But on plates the consequences are higher. I generally rode +GST through my plates but maybe I just got lucky.

    *This is not an endorsement to speed and I take no responsibility.
  7. also if theres a car or truck directly behind you its very hard to lock onto YOU with a radar gun... generally it will pick up the larger object behind you.... cops know this so may be more inclined to book the larger vehicle.... it helps your chances if you choose breaking the law to remain safe.
  8. You should be going slightly faster than the surrounding traffic, regardless of what speed that is or the actual speed limit.
    This means you're always "making progress" on the traffic and nobody gets to "sneak up" behind you.
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  9. I think this answers your question. What is more important to you? Although, losing your life is probably quite unlikely due to going too slow.

    Personally, I travel ~5 kph faster than the traffic, all the time, regardless of the speed limit (slowing down for speed cameras of course).
  10. Ok..losing my life might be an extreme statement - but I swear the truckies are ex kamakazi pilots ..they (think) they own the road full stop. (my trip winds thru 15 mins of industrial areas).

    They seem to try to push ya - sitting close (1 car length if I'm lucky). I've got a helmet cam, I think I'll get one facing behind on my bike. Not for the near miss stuff, but for fighting a ticket if it ever happens.
  11. What ever makes you feel safer, don't be bullied into speeding by tailgaters.

    Going faster than the flow will give you more 'exits' and if you're paying attention, the cameras shouldn't be an issue in NSW.

    I'm usually faster than the flow and (fingers crossed) haven't got a ticket yet (5+years).
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  13. Dont get intimidated. Ride your ride.Most truck drivers will try it on by "pushing" you but they tend to be careful drivers. Get behind a red P driver if you dont want to go too fast. Check the thread "who are the worst cage drivers" and you will know what to look out for.
  14. ...on the last long week-end in Sydney, it was double demerits. I was having a nice little ride on a quiet, but well policed road, when a fricking white van came up from behind at a rate of knots.
    He could have overtaken, but chose instead to ride my arse, which was travelling between 60 & 70 k's (depending on the signage).

    In all seriousness, I should have just moved off the road until he went by, but he pi$$ed me right off, so I stayed. Not a good move on my behalf I will admit, because he was a top wanker!!... :jerk:
    At the set of lights he sat behind me and I turned around and shouted abuse at him!.. (not recommended really!).. and on the change of lights I shot around the car infront of me and sped away..... (now an 80 zone with double white lines!).

    As I said, I really shoud have just got off the road.... he was on a mission. So even if you do ride your own ride, you need to be very careful, because others don't appreciate it.
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    [MENTION=30054]gsxrjames[/MENTION] - no cameras where I travel, but I know from experience the police can track your speed from thier car (got done in on one of the petrol powered pushbikes - followed me and tried to book me for speeding/unreg/unlic/no insurance etc etc - but that's a different saga lol)

    ...and you know my answer... need me a bigger / better bike :p

    Thanks for the link (y) a must add to my ipod..

    It's hard not to when I'm on a bike no bigger than a BMX - but I thought "stuff you all" on the way home and just rode a comfortable ride. I never dipped below the limit, but I didnt exceed it by heaps either..I'll go check out that thread too...

    Yep, that sounds like my daily ride.. I learned from Crisis to let the cars go when they get up your backside and don't back off. If something happens in front of you which requires a swerve or brakes, the guy/gal behind you will most likely end up on top of you. Chain reaction and all that fun stuff.
  16. I wouldn't bother with a rear facing camera, I can't recall anyone ever successfully using the excuse "I was being tailgated" to fight a ticket. In fact, I believe it's one of the questions in the NSW L's theory test (for both car and bike) where it says something like: You are being tailgated, do you a) speed up or b) maintain speed limit or pull over.
  17. Each circumstance is different. Riding a motorcycle is all about risk assessment, and you have to constantly assess the risk and modify your riding accordingly.

    Most of the time it is safer to be traveling slightly faster than the traffic. However, there are the odd occasions when it's best to be behind the traffic. Very rarely, I would go as far as to to say never, is it safer to be in amongst the traffic.

    However, if loosing your license for a small infringement is a real possibility then that needs to be assessed as part of the risk as well.
  18. I decided yesterday to just stop all this worrying and enjoy my trips to and from work. Slightly faster works, and positioning myself properly for an escape if need be helps too.
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  19. my personal opinion

    it is best to be going a little bit faster than the other traffic if you can
    (if it isn't too heavy)
    keeps the focus in front of you

    don't pace any vehicles

    i hate using the bike in traffic,
    because it is a matter of when will a car hit me, not if

    cagers are just too f ucked in the head to even care

    crashes and deaths could be reduced massively if action was taken,
    but driving must be recognised as a privilege rather than a right

    i used to know about SMIDSY when i was on a pushbike,
    cagers are apologetic AFTER they hit you, before hand they don't care
    "sorry i just ran you over with my car"
  20. In my personal view you need more and less horsepower ...followed by more...and then a second more weaker bike to make your bike seem more powerful